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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rumor mongering

The past few days have been busy for Buffalo Sports fans, combing the internets for rumors on who could be coming in or going out.

With the start of free agency, you look at what players are rumored to be interested with the Bills, plus you have the trade deadline and possible deals out there. So you comb every website, and every rumor site, looking for possible deals. Especially if your a blogger, and want to break something first, good for traffic, plus you look smart.

You go to facebook pages, you check boards, you look up other cities newspapers and see what they report. Kuklas Korner is on constant refresh, then on Wednesday the TSN page will always be minimized, so you can check if Tim Connolly was traded or Max. Or anyone. Then get upset when the Bruins get someone, the Sabres were in no way getting, but still you are upset.

There are reasons why sites like Pro Football Talk crash. Because one, its pretty accurate and gives you a heads up on possible deals going on. Even though Mike Florio takes some heat, the guy is pretty good. Sure he's wrong on stuff, but who isn't. He doesn't have the ESPN contacts, but his contacts usually work out.

Wednesday will be a non work day for most Buffaloians. We'll have WGR on, the internet fired up with every hockey site up possible. Just clamoring for something to happen. It doesn't matter if the deal is absolute garbage. We just want something to involve the Sabres. You know Max Afinogenov was traded to Los Angeles for some botox and a nose job in 2010. (That would be a good deal)

The Sabres could pick up some fourth line winger, and 50% of the area will be like. THATS THE PIECE! We're making the playoffs! Then the other 50% will call for Regiers head. Most likely nothing major is happening at HSBC Arena tomorrow. The lineup will be pretty similar to what it is today. Maybe someone will be gone, but if there is no market, there will be no deal. And from the looks of things, the waiver wire seems more active then the trade market. (I wouldn't mind if Darcy picks up Jon Sim or Brendan Morrison)

(checks kuklas korner)



Nothing. Good

Tomorrow is going to be exactly like that. Of course nothing will happen, every second. There might not be any blockbuster deals. But still you want there to be. And someone will get fleeced. (cough Don Waddell cough)

(checks Buffalo news)

Nothing. Damn

For those who are impatient, me, its going to be a long time till 3pm tomorrow. Then of course after, its more Bills speculation, which will continue until April for the draft. Its more a long process. Unlike the quick sprint of the NHL trade deadline. So that you have to constantly aware of, because deals can be struck at any time. And really who wants to find out hours later the Bills signed a backup safety? Not me thats for sure.

But today is where you get desperate. And do stupid things. I'm not talking checking messageboards. I'm talking about visiting a site. You know which one I'm talking about.

(opens up new tab)
No Fingers DON'T DO IT!

(types in


(Site opens)



Oooo thats interesting.

No it won't happen, its all made up. X it out. X IT OUT!!!!!!!!

Whew. That was dangerous. That site should really have a warning on it. Its nothing but lies and made up rumors. And nothing good can come from it. Who pays for that site? Really?

Anyway, just be patient, when things happen, you'll know about them. And don't believe everything you hear. 95% of it will be lies.

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