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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday recap

(Mark Mulville)
The Secret to Patrick Lalime's recent good play

Mind Control

Well the Sabres had quite the busy Wednesday. First they resign Tim Connolly to a new 2 year deal. Then bring in another goaltender to give Portland a goaltender and give Lalime a break on Friday. So they bring in a solid 2nd goaltender who can start and not totally embarrass himself, in Mikael Tellqvist. Who is probably around for a couple weeks, and when Miller comes back, is probably here for practice. Especially if they make the playoffs. That sucks for him, but I'm sure he'll find a team in the offseason. But welcome to Buffalo Mikael.

And from noon to 3pm, we all thought the Sabres were done, then the rumor of a deal. Then it appeared on the internet, and then it was official. The Sabres picked up the scoring center they needed. They traded Ales "backhand in the shootout" Kotalik for a 2nd round pick, and then they turned that into Dominic Moore, who the Leafs couldn't sign.

Dominic Moore comes in as the Sabres 4th highest scorer. 4th! He has 12 goals on the year, and is a -1, which on the Leafs is like being a +20 on the Detroit Red Wings. More points then Kotalik and tougher. Then the off and on winger who is bad in his own zone. Who I never knew why nobody wanted to ever trade him. He just seemed overpaid to me and really didn't give everything to the team.

And what number are they giving Dominic Moore? 23. Thats bold, I bet that will make Bucky upset since thats his precious Drury's number. And Bucky probably will lead the charge to get it retired and in the rafters soon.

Bucky "Connolly likely to be traded" Gleason. The article you can't find on the News website anymore. Ooo, no it was moved to Archives. Really 1 day old and moved to Archives. mmmm.

Several NHL sources in recent days have suggested that center Tim Connolly has almost no intention of re-signing with the Sabres, regardless of what he has told the organization or relayed to the media. It appears the Sabres have almost no choice but to trade him before 3 p.m. today.

Who Eklund?

With that and the Biron idea. Bucky sure came out looking terrible. It just looks he has no clue whats happening inside the Sabres. And of course today he slams the Connolly deal. What would you expect? Along with Jerry "Suddenly interested in the Sabres" Sullivan.

Thats too much money for a injured player. Blah blah Blah. How about looking into the facts. With stats and what other players in his point totals get? Then judge.

Wait thats what bloggers do? So lets take a peak. Our friend who runs, will help us?

We''ll take Tim Connolly since the lockout.

Prior to the lockout he played in 80 games 4 straight years. So his injury problems, really has only started since the Schaefer hit in the 2006 playoffs. But his point totals weren't as impressive.

2005-2006 63 games 55 points
2006-2007 2 games 1 point
2007-2008 48 games 33 points
2008-2009 30 games 27 points

That's about a .8 points per game player. Multiply that versus 82 games and thats about 66 points per season. Which isn't too bad. But when he's healthy and not fighting injuries. I'd say he's more a .9 point a game player. So 66 to 75 points a year. Who else is in that camp and what do they make?

Olli Jokkinen in the past few years is in that range, he makes 5.25

Danny Briere was in that boat last year and he makes 8

Paul Statsny will be making 6.6 Million over the next few years

Rick Nash makes 6.5 and 7 million next year. (Then a UFA) He has Leaf written all over him.

Scott Gomez will be making 8 million over what seems the next decade.

BTW the Rangers are screwed next year, almost 23 million is tied up in 4 forwards. Drury, Gomez, Naslund and Avery. Thats probably half the cap. 40 million total tied up, with 19 UFA or RFA's on their roster. Good luck John Tortorella!

As you can see, its not a bad deal, if Connolly returns to his former healthy self.


Oh and there was a game as well, where the Sabres broke a 3 game slump, and a scoring drought, by beating up on the Habs 5-1. Since January 1st the Sabres are 7-1-1 against Northeast division opponents. So they are taking care of their division. Now they just have to worry about the divisons, because they have to crawl back into the playoff standings. Only 4 points out of 5th place. And honestly I don't see the Rangers hanging on, and the Canes are in trouble. The Sabres made some good solid moves yesterday, and with the return of Vanek. It should boost them enough, till Miller comes back. But if Lalime keeps playing like he is. Miller can take his time.

There are plenty of games left. But now is the time for the Sabres to peak. Having a slump at the end of February, early March is ok. But now they have to win 65% of their games, if they want to play in April and May.

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