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Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking the Cycle

Lets skip the playoff talk for right now. They have a chance, they could get in, but they probably won't at this point. But that's not the important thing. Its the team itself. We have two straight years of the same thing. Inconsistency and what seems to most of us, lack of passion. They seem to just throw it out there every night. If this was a Broadway show, they would have closed the show by now. Because you'd have some people raving about the show, then see it again and think it was awful. But instead of getting angry and frustrated, you gotta think. What will help? How can they move forward, get back among the to 4 or 5 in the conference? Instead of being stuck in a rut and struggling to make the playoffs.With all change, it will be tough and it will make things uncomfortable. Thats maybe why the Sabres are in the current spot. They are comfortable. Long term deals, big money, in a town where they are all known and loved.

This team needs to feel uncomfortable. They need something to play for, besides playoffs. Because it seems like thats not too important for some of the guys. This team was hungry and desperate when they were all fighting for contracts. They wanted that big pay day, and they all got it. Even if they had to leave the team. The ones that left, left gaps, that no one filled. Would they be better if this was the same team, from 06-07? No doubt. But they would have a 70 million dollar payroll. This isn't Detroit, they aren't taking a discount. So the Sabres have to pick and choose. And maybe try to get a player for another player. This is the team Darcy has built since the lockout. Many of the guys on the team have been here, and through the system. And what do we have? A team that struggles to win 2 games in a row, and is terrible in the third period. And right now its depressing. It doesn't bring enthusiasm to the fanbase. And the offseason will show that. Season ticket sales for the Sabres and Bills are way different. Because with the Bills its the NFL, its only 7 games and not a huge financial or time burden. The Sabres, thats 41 games, any day of the week, and for a product that doesn't give you what you pay for. That waiting list will be gone through and they will still not reach their goal. Why would put down thousands of dollars for what we have got the past 2 years?

Thats why the cycle and "the system" must be broken. Some say fire Regier or fire Ruff. But you can't do one or the other. They are a team. So you'll have to get rid of them both. But if Management puts pressure on Regier to fire Ruff, I think he might resign. But with a new team, means that none of the players have favorite status or know their role. Which could be what the team needs to play up to its potential. If they don't, they get shipped out. I think Darcy has been here too long and got attached. Its tough to make the hard decisions when you feel attached to your players.

The current contracts make it hard to ship guys in and out. Its easier to ship the GM and Coach out, then the players. But somehow, someway they have to break the cycle they are in. Make the guys scared for their jobs again. Make them hungry. They just don't give that extra 5%. They have the parts to be good. But something is holding them back. When a company isn't reaching their potential, they find a new manager or CEO to right the ship. And that is my guess is what will happen if the Sabres miss the playoffs again.

If they squeek in, I'm guessing nothing will change. And we'll get the same thing next year.

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