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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slip slidin away

Well that was a nice kick to the shins wasn't it? A bad loss to the Flyers, after a bad loss to the Senators on Saturday. A team that needed at least a point. Gets worked in the third and just like that its 5-1 before you know it. The Flyers were all over the Sabres in the third. A team that looked like they wanted to win. The Sabres couldn't care less. Wasn't it a few years ago, the Flyers couldn't come close to beating the Sabres, now they own them. Whatever change went on in Philadelphia it worked, because the two franchises have switched. That coupled with the Sabres getting no help from the team above them, makes the picture much worse then even 2 days ago.

The Sabres currently are standing 10th. 4 points out of 8th, 6 points out of 5th. 5th place on the weekend looked doable. Now it seems too far away. Hell they are 3 points out of 9th. They are in the same place as last year. And they look exactly the same. It seems that they don't care. I'm sure they do, but they don't play with any desperation. None. The last 10 minutes looked like they were sleep walking. They look soft, they play weak and its maddening. You want to go. THE SEASON IS ON THE LINE! DON'T YOU CARE! Many say you can't panic. But why not. Look at the Penguins, they panicked, and have gone 9-1 in their last 10. I almost written them off, and they surged.

The Sabres have 15 games left. They have to go at least 10-5 in those games to even think they have a chance and then also get some help. The surging teams like the Pens and Canes will cool down a bit. The Panthers have cooled a touch. The Rangers look dead in the water. So all they need is the Canes or Panthers to really cool down and they get in.

If not, then I wouldn't mind a bloodbath at HSBC Arena. 2 years in a row without the playoffs isn't acceptable. Its on the coach, Gm and the Players. They need new blood. Things have gotten too comfortable and with comfort comes laziness. That laziness has killed this team.

Now its time to kill the laziness.

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