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Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking at the Big Picture

Ok the Bills were on the positive news bandwagon for a few weeks, and then just like last year the Toronto games, rear their head in March to give some dreadful feelings among Bills faithful.

Well now its the thought, starting next season in 2010 and until 2012 to move two games to Toronto. Well of course this gets Bills fan worried about a pending move, when the lease runs out in 2012. Well first Toronto needs a new stadium. The Skydome is 20 years old and ain't gonna cut it for a NFL facility. So until that project starts, and with the credit markets frozen like a Canadian winter, not anytime soon. And other partners have to write off on this venture, and since it involves the government, I doubt anything happens quick. So we should just relax. And pull out our focus. Instead of focusing on the small picture, lets take a look at the big picture.

The Toronto series is a money making goldmine for the Bills. They don't do much of anything, and make a huge profit. They can take that money to spend on say, a Terrell Owens, or Jason Peters or something else. They take a game, maybe two from the regular season picture and make 3 times or 4 times more then they would if that game was in Orchard Park. This lowers season ticket packages for local owners, so they only get 6 or 7 home games. Big deal. Its not like they are charging you the same price as you would for 10 games. You get less live action. But the way the team has played of late, that doesn't seem like a awful thing. Is it fun? You bet. This way you can save money and input it into something else. The Bills are helping you save money. Don't forget all the other incidentals with Bills games, Parking, food, drink and the biggest factor Time. All that tailgating time and sitting in traffic time, could be spent doing something productive.

The Bills are going to make more money, and have more money on hand with more games in Toronto. We all know that, and we fear it. But don't you want your team to have lots of money to play with, so they can bring guys in, and resign stars instead of letting them go? Sure. Plus maybe have the cash to pay a top notch head coach. Oh boy now I got your interest. Honestly the reason the Bills aren't a attractive free agent market is not solely about money. Its also about the area. It really is, it has a bad rap, and clouds the judgment of possible players. Its the reason the Bills didn't get Tony Gonzalez, even though they had the best offer. But you start dangling a big metropolitan city like Toronto, and the team looks even better.

I'm sorry but I want my team to be good. And if it can be just enough better by playing a couple games in Toronto, then do it. They are talking now that the Tampa or New Orleans game will be there. Fine, take both of those. Those games are hard to sell. Honestly, I doubt Bills games are that big of a economic impact. But if there is, then lets supplement the lost games with other things.

Other ideas to generate revenue around the stadium.

More concerts.

A weekly big time high school game

1 or 2 UB games

Storage facility

A carnival in the parking lot during the summer.

Have a special hockey game in the summer, where you can play roller hockey in the stadium for charity. You know get old and current Sabres versus other hockey greats. The Summer classic.

Our taxpayer paid for stadium, doesn't get used. We are getting nothing on our investment. You have a facility, use it.

In case the Bills do leave for Toronto, we have to think of other ways to use it now, before it sits abandoned, and hope for some Fish store to take it over.

I'm sorry but I'm not too worried about more games in Toronto. If it generates more money for my team. Thats great. I want a team that has money and does something with it. Then a team that talks about a budget. But I also want an area to fight for their team, rather then accept it leaving. We fight things getting built, but we never fight for things to stay. We can share a couple games to make the team stronger, but I will not let it leave.

I'm torn on the situation. But I understand the reasoning. I guess I'm not going to worry about the team situation until the team is up for sale. Though we should start planning on worst case scenario and find ways to utilize the stadium, so its not a worthless piece of junk.

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