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Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting past the Mainstream Media

I feel like most bloggers, that the mainstream media in this town is really out of touch with the average fan. They tend to try to stay objective, and I understand that, but in doing that they lose what the fan is thinking. Which leaves that space wide open for blogs to come in and capture the fans attention, showing that their is another voice out there. One of the common folk. And no doubt this other door will lead to changes in both papers and radio.

They keep on focusing about making the playoffs and not focusing on the current situation. The past 3 games are probably the way the team should have been playing for the past 70 games. Its entertaining and its fun to watch. And if they miss the playoffs, and the odds are stacked against them, its the last we'll see till October. But everybody is downplaying it. Then on the radio this morning I almost drove down to WGR to punch them in the face. Are you glad they won? What kind of dumbass question is that? Of course. I was tense during that shootout, I knew what was at stake and it raised the meaning of the game. It was fantastic. Howard Simon should be sent out to pasture. Seriously he is seriously devoid of any joy. Why would you root for your team to lose, so they can make changes? That may not work. Change doesn't lead to success. You have to pick the right people. And who knows if the right people are out there.

People, The SABRES ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS. Right now. Except its not a series, its a round robin single elimination. Its lose and go home. Every game means something. They are playing for something. The right to go to the tournament. The Sabres lose and they are done. Basically.

They are 4 points out of 8th spot and 5 points of 7th spot. With a game in hand on the Rangers. Neither the 8th or 7th team is hot.

The Rangers are 5-4-1 in their last 10 and 2-2-1 in their last 5

The Canadiens are 4-3-3 in their last 10 and also 2-2-1 in their last 5

Thats .500 hockey.

The Sabres if they win all of their games would have 96 points. Sooooo, the Rangers would have to go 3-3 for the Sabres to pass them. (Leaving them with 93 Points) And if the Canadiens go 4-3 in their next 7, they would be left with 94 points. The Sabres would leapfrog both, and I know I have not included Florida in the mix.

The Rangers Have NJ, Boston, Carolina, the Canadiens and Philly twice on their schedule. 3-3 or worse is a possibility.

The Canadiens have Chicago, the Islanders, the Leafs, The Sens, Rangers, Bruins and Pittsburgh on their schedule. Its not a hard looking schedule. But teams trying for position and spoilers are always hard to judge.

The Sabres have 7 games in 11 days. And its rough. Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Detroit, Atlanta and the Leafs. Its a back to back road games next week. But you know what, if they want it, they can have it. Their goalie is back, their confidence and savior is behind them. Lets win em all. Because the fans would rather have the playoffs then watch their team stop in mid April.

Because they want their team to win. No matter how. After they finish the season, then we can talk about changes need to be made in the offseason. But lets wait till locker cleanout.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Throwback Time

Owens pissed, Jauron is holding up Evans jersey.

I totally made that up, but lets see anyone goes with it. But at the meetings out in California, they had a little AFL 50th anniversary thing, where all the original AFL teams will wear the throwbacks during the year. The Raiders really haven't changed much at all. But The Titans get the Derrick back on the helmet like it should be. And the Kansas City Chiefs will have the State of Texas on their helmets, even though they play in Missouri. And the Chargers wear the good powder blue uni's not their new version.

But I'm excited since the Opener will have the Bills and Patriots wearing throwbacks. So that game is going to look great. Because both unis are better then their current versions. Blue blandness on both their parts. Plus the Bills play the Titans in the Hall of fame game and both will wear the throwbacks. I personally think the Bills should go back to the old unis. But whatever, they have to get their money back on the newest versions. But more old throwbacks. Anytime the Titans play with Oilers uni's you can sign me up for that one. Broncos? I can skip that game.

But this all part of the bigger picture of the NFL meetings. Which means rule changes, rumors, and other things that no one thinks about. But the one thing I like is that 17 or 18 game regular season is coming in a couple years. (barring a strike) When I hear Peter King worrying about the welfare of the players, I'm like, who cares? Seriously tv networks wouldn't want to sell more ads for Football, instead of Snowboarding or Rodeo? Come on, its a slam dunk, tv will love it, fans will love it. The players might not. We all know is all about TV and the Fans. Plus it will be huge for Fantasy Football.

We are still a month away from the Draft, then the long march through OTA's and mini camps then finally Training camp. I can't wait for football. I don't care if the Bills aren't great. I just need me some football.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to enjoy the Sabres.

Well there is no doubt the Sabres have been quite frustrating the past two years. Instead of letting them get to us. Lets have them entertain us, with their ineptitude. Enjoy the failure. Its our team. Why let them losing make us feel bad. We aren't the ones sucking at our job, well we could be, its just not on tv. Lets take what we can from these guys. So how can we better enjoy the Sabres, if they stay in their current state.

This isn't the team of 2 years ago, instead of expecting them to win, expect them to lose. When they win, its a bonus and fun.

Drinking, will help. In fact invent new Drinking games. Every time Jochen Hecht misses the net from inside 10 feet, take a drink. Every time Toni Lydman gets caught in a pinch, take a drink. Everytime you wonder, why don't they hit anyone, take a drink. Every time a forward takes a lazy penalty take a drink.

This way you'll be hammered midway through the 2nd and frustrations will be eased.

With ticket demand lower, you can pick up cheap tickets and go to the games. The games are fun. Going to them, will yes put money in the owners pocket, but that money he can spend on the players. (hopefully) Plus its always fun to head down to the arena. Plus you can see the grand canyon, otherwise known as the Aud.

Instead over overpaid underachievers, maybe the team can turn into lovable losers. Because obviously with lower attendence payroll will be shed, so they'll bring in lower paid guys. Who try hard, but aren't good enough. They will be easy to root for, but you'll understand why they lose, but you like them anyway. Like Marty Biron. He never really won alot, but people loved him.

And when they do reach the playoffs. It will be special again. The 06 playoffs were a ton more fun then the 07 playoffs. Expectations kill excitement I think. We need to not have any expectations. Let them win us back again.

And yes I think they are done. In fact its better they miss the playoffs and finish lower in the standings. Thats how changes that are necessary to be made are done. When you give a glimmer of hope, then the status quo is okay. But when things are bad, change is necessary. This team needs some tweaking, and missing the playoffs are the only way that happens.

And I don't care for the blame game, it goes nowhere. Darcy, The LQ or Tommy G, just Fix it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking at the Big Picture

Ok the Bills were on the positive news bandwagon for a few weeks, and then just like last year the Toronto games, rear their head in March to give some dreadful feelings among Bills faithful.

Well now its the thought, starting next season in 2010 and until 2012 to move two games to Toronto. Well of course this gets Bills fan worried about a pending move, when the lease runs out in 2012. Well first Toronto needs a new stadium. The Skydome is 20 years old and ain't gonna cut it for a NFL facility. So until that project starts, and with the credit markets frozen like a Canadian winter, not anytime soon. And other partners have to write off on this venture, and since it involves the government, I doubt anything happens quick. So we should just relax. And pull out our focus. Instead of focusing on the small picture, lets take a look at the big picture.

The Toronto series is a money making goldmine for the Bills. They don't do much of anything, and make a huge profit. They can take that money to spend on say, a Terrell Owens, or Jason Peters or something else. They take a game, maybe two from the regular season picture and make 3 times or 4 times more then they would if that game was in Orchard Park. This lowers season ticket packages for local owners, so they only get 6 or 7 home games. Big deal. Its not like they are charging you the same price as you would for 10 games. You get less live action. But the way the team has played of late, that doesn't seem like a awful thing. Is it fun? You bet. This way you can save money and input it into something else. The Bills are helping you save money. Don't forget all the other incidentals with Bills games, Parking, food, drink and the biggest factor Time. All that tailgating time and sitting in traffic time, could be spent doing something productive.

The Bills are going to make more money, and have more money on hand with more games in Toronto. We all know that, and we fear it. But don't you want your team to have lots of money to play with, so they can bring guys in, and resign stars instead of letting them go? Sure. Plus maybe have the cash to pay a top notch head coach. Oh boy now I got your interest. Honestly the reason the Bills aren't a attractive free agent market is not solely about money. Its also about the area. It really is, it has a bad rap, and clouds the judgment of possible players. Its the reason the Bills didn't get Tony Gonzalez, even though they had the best offer. But you start dangling a big metropolitan city like Toronto, and the team looks even better.

I'm sorry but I want my team to be good. And if it can be just enough better by playing a couple games in Toronto, then do it. They are talking now that the Tampa or New Orleans game will be there. Fine, take both of those. Those games are hard to sell. Honestly, I doubt Bills games are that big of a economic impact. But if there is, then lets supplement the lost games with other things.

Other ideas to generate revenue around the stadium.

More concerts.

A weekly big time high school game

1 or 2 UB games

Storage facility

A carnival in the parking lot during the summer.

Have a special hockey game in the summer, where you can play roller hockey in the stadium for charity. You know get old and current Sabres versus other hockey greats. The Summer classic.

Our taxpayer paid for stadium, doesn't get used. We are getting nothing on our investment. You have a facility, use it.

In case the Bills do leave for Toronto, we have to think of other ways to use it now, before it sits abandoned, and hope for some Fish store to take it over.

I'm sorry but I'm not too worried about more games in Toronto. If it generates more money for my team. Thats great. I want a team that has money and does something with it. Then a team that talks about a budget. But I also want an area to fight for their team, rather then accept it leaving. We fight things getting built, but we never fight for things to stay. We can share a couple games to make the team stronger, but I will not let it leave.

I'm torn on the situation. But I understand the reasoning. I guess I'm not going to worry about the team situation until the team is up for sale. Though we should start planning on worst case scenario and find ways to utilize the stadium, so its not a worthless piece of junk.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it too late to sell?

Remember how excited we Sabre fans were after the deadline? Hey we're making a run at this thing. We didn't sell. Got a young guy for the stretch run. Got another goaltender as a insurance policy. It was good times. Soooo.

What has happened since then?

They've gone 3-3-1. Lost to Ottawa twice and the Thrashers. And last night might be rock bottom. 13 shots? Are you serious? This team has no fight, no passion and its pretty evident. No one is going to turn things around for these guys, unless they go back to the third line. Pominville needs to be demoted. Sit em down. Let em watch. I don't know if he wants to be out there. Hell call up Gerbe, Mancari and Kennedy. Let them out there. I'm sure they would give everything they had. Would they score? Maybe not, but at least they'd care

Maybe they should have sold at the deadline. Would have it been unpopular? You bet. But if this is what we get for the rest of the year, then might as well sell off unwanted parts, for stuff that might get the job done.

Its obvious the current team isn't good enough. Just isn't. And the core is all locked up long term. Good job Darcy of falling into the Bucky Gleason trap. You're short contracts worked great, because you get guys in contract years, play their best and then let them go and suck someone else dry. (cough Briere cough) Get more bang for your buck. Only superstars justify the contract they get. Middle line guys like Pominville will never measure up to his deal. But now you got Roy, Vanek, Connolly, Pominville, Hecht, Gaustad locked up for several years. Lucky Day! And last year, you would have thought, Darcy finally gets it. But there is locking up the right players. And locking up the wrong players.

The guys that left over the years really have taken a toll. And I'm not talking about about Drury and Briere. Its the Griers and Dumonts and yes Mckee. Guys that always gave an honest effort. Guys that couldn't come back, because they had to suck it up and sign Briere to that 1 year 5 million dollar deal. Remember how that deal was seen as outrageous? Then a year later the same deal over 5 years is a bargain? Uh?

The 2005-2006 year was the beginning of the current problem. The Sabres had to sign so many guys, raises for everyone, and they hit the cap, where they couldn't do anymore to solidify the squad. Just like in real life, financial decisions, that seemed reasonable or necessary at the time turned out to be the wrong call down the line.

Should they have locked up Drury when they could? Probably. But who would have been the casualty. Pominville? Miller? Vanek? You can't sign them all. One big signing effects the rest of the team. They give Pominville a big deal, show committment to Hecht and they fall flat on their faces all year. Signings that were hailed, now look to be huge mistakes. If they let Vanek go, would the picks helped 2 years from now? Who knows. Hindsight will always be 20/20.

But its always the results from decisions that will justify keeping or losing one's job. And I think time has run its course on Darcy Regier. This team needs a new vison. The core, his core, isn't gonna get the job done. They've had 2 years. And it isn't good enough. Someone else will have to blow things up.

Things might have to uglier before they get better.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sabres Sens Preview

7:30pm at Ottawa

Tellqvist vs Elliott

Battle of two non playoff teams.


Well the last one between these two this year and thats a good thing for the Sabres. They can play well against everyone else in the division. Except the boys in black and red. They still think they are the tough Ottawa Senators and Chara and Redden are back there. Watching out for several lines of offense. Instead of the crappy defense and 1 line team they really are.

Well lets not say this is a must win game. Every game from now on is must win. There is no option to lose. They can't feel like its okay if they drop one. Its not. Just win out. And hope someone else struggles. I'm tired of win one lose one nonsense. Play consistent. Play hard every night, 60 minutes. Do they not understand that concept? Do they not understand why they don't win? Or they completely aloof of their own problems. They need an intervention or to be shipped out.

Pominville is great, when he doesn't have to be the star or super important.

Hecht is on the downslope

Vanek is Vanek

Goaltending hasn't been an issue, but defensive zone play has.

They are what their record says they are.

I'm tired of this team and they aren't real fun to watch anymore. I just want a 5 game winstreak. Because this up and down nonsense, just kills the fun.

I can't even do the previews like I used to, because I can't stand writing about these guys. Especially when Andrew "staged fight" Peters is back in the lineup, because Mair is hurt. Is Matt Ellis, that bad or they want a enforcer out there, in case things get ugly.

Whatever. Well this is the loss that ends the season tonight. Stick a fork in them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking the Cycle

Lets skip the playoff talk for right now. They have a chance, they could get in, but they probably won't at this point. But that's not the important thing. Its the team itself. We have two straight years of the same thing. Inconsistency and what seems to most of us, lack of passion. They seem to just throw it out there every night. If this was a Broadway show, they would have closed the show by now. Because you'd have some people raving about the show, then see it again and think it was awful. But instead of getting angry and frustrated, you gotta think. What will help? How can they move forward, get back among the to 4 or 5 in the conference? Instead of being stuck in a rut and struggling to make the playoffs.With all change, it will be tough and it will make things uncomfortable. Thats maybe why the Sabres are in the current spot. They are comfortable. Long term deals, big money, in a town where they are all known and loved.

This team needs to feel uncomfortable. They need something to play for, besides playoffs. Because it seems like thats not too important for some of the guys. This team was hungry and desperate when they were all fighting for contracts. They wanted that big pay day, and they all got it. Even if they had to leave the team. The ones that left, left gaps, that no one filled. Would they be better if this was the same team, from 06-07? No doubt. But they would have a 70 million dollar payroll. This isn't Detroit, they aren't taking a discount. So the Sabres have to pick and choose. And maybe try to get a player for another player. This is the team Darcy has built since the lockout. Many of the guys on the team have been here, and through the system. And what do we have? A team that struggles to win 2 games in a row, and is terrible in the third period. And right now its depressing. It doesn't bring enthusiasm to the fanbase. And the offseason will show that. Season ticket sales for the Sabres and Bills are way different. Because with the Bills its the NFL, its only 7 games and not a huge financial or time burden. The Sabres, thats 41 games, any day of the week, and for a product that doesn't give you what you pay for. That waiting list will be gone through and they will still not reach their goal. Why would put down thousands of dollars for what we have got the past 2 years?

Thats why the cycle and "the system" must be broken. Some say fire Regier or fire Ruff. But you can't do one or the other. They are a team. So you'll have to get rid of them both. But if Management puts pressure on Regier to fire Ruff, I think he might resign. But with a new team, means that none of the players have favorite status or know their role. Which could be what the team needs to play up to its potential. If they don't, they get shipped out. I think Darcy has been here too long and got attached. Its tough to make the hard decisions when you feel attached to your players.

The current contracts make it hard to ship guys in and out. Its easier to ship the GM and Coach out, then the players. But somehow, someway they have to break the cycle they are in. Make the guys scared for their jobs again. Make them hungry. They just don't give that extra 5%. They have the parts to be good. But something is holding them back. When a company isn't reaching their potential, they find a new manager or CEO to right the ship. And that is my guess is what will happen if the Sabres miss the playoffs again.

If they squeek in, I'm guessing nothing will change. And we'll get the same thing next year.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sabres Panthers Preview

Well, well, well. The Florida Panthers are in town, which means no excitement for this game. The last two games have sucked any excitement generated by the trade deadline and the following two games. Sure the team is having a bout with the flu, good timing. But did the whole team have it? I think Pominville, has had the flu all year. He is downright invisible most nights. Dominic Moore is alright, but nothing special. And Patrick Lalime is going back to Lalime.

But this is a very important game to say the least. For both teams. The Sabres absolutely, can't lose tonight. Or you might as well start packing up the lockers and making summer plans. Then the offseason should be fun. Because people get on Golisano for running a business model. But they guy went all in, to get a cup 2 years ago. Then the Drury thing blew up, but they were absolutely right not to give Danny the money.

With no playoffs for 2 straight year, ticket sales will plummett. Especially with people scared about their money. The team isn't as exciting, they are downright boring and frustrating at times. The good times from several years ago, are pretty much gone. So it will be interesting to see what happens. Will Darcy go, will Lindy go. Will both of them go? Larry Quinn, is more interested in keeping the business model, and if the actual income is down, someone will have to pay for that. Then there will some player movement. Not just the UFA's. Hecht is gone, Tallinder is gone and maybe someone else. There is young talent, now they just have to fleece someone to get to the extra level. The Rivet trade was a step. But they need to go further.

Really I don't care much for the Panthers, they have some good scoring with Horton, Weiss and Cory Stillman (get him on the Sabres) along with leading goal scorer David Booth. They aren't household names. They have 10 guys with 30 or more points and 11 guys with double digit goals. But no one over 50. The goaltenders are reason they are in games. Both guys with sv% over .920. They bring a team effort.

Also the first time Richard Zednick makes his return to Buffalo since almost dying. So that will be nice. But I don't know I'm missing a lot of this game because of a event I'm going to. Its the unveiling of the next season for Shea's. I'm a season ticket holder. Thats right. I'm cultured. Me and the Fiancee, hopefully getting our seats back, and the shows are good for next year.

Well I need something funny to end this post, I was scouring the youtubes, and found this gem from a local group. Its two years old, but I never saw anything about them.

There are more here. They are funny check em out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slip slidin away

Well that was a nice kick to the shins wasn't it? A bad loss to the Flyers, after a bad loss to the Senators on Saturday. A team that needed at least a point. Gets worked in the third and just like that its 5-1 before you know it. The Flyers were all over the Sabres in the third. A team that looked like they wanted to win. The Sabres couldn't care less. Wasn't it a few years ago, the Flyers couldn't come close to beating the Sabres, now they own them. Whatever change went on in Philadelphia it worked, because the two franchises have switched. That coupled with the Sabres getting no help from the team above them, makes the picture much worse then even 2 days ago.

The Sabres currently are standing 10th. 4 points out of 8th, 6 points out of 5th. 5th place on the weekend looked doable. Now it seems too far away. Hell they are 3 points out of 9th. They are in the same place as last year. And they look exactly the same. It seems that they don't care. I'm sure they do, but they don't play with any desperation. None. The last 10 minutes looked like they were sleep walking. They look soft, they play weak and its maddening. You want to go. THE SEASON IS ON THE LINE! DON'T YOU CARE! Many say you can't panic. But why not. Look at the Penguins, they panicked, and have gone 9-1 in their last 10. I almost written them off, and they surged.

The Sabres have 15 games left. They have to go at least 10-5 in those games to even think they have a chance and then also get some help. The surging teams like the Pens and Canes will cool down a bit. The Panthers have cooled a touch. The Rangers look dead in the water. So all they need is the Canes or Panthers to really cool down and they get in.

If not, then I wouldn't mind a bloodbath at HSBC Arena. 2 years in a row without the playoffs isn't acceptable. Its on the coach, Gm and the Players. They need new blood. Things have gotten too comfortable and with comfort comes laziness. That laziness has killed this team.

Now its time to kill the laziness.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sabres Flyers Preview

Well I haven't done a preview in a little bit, due to being busy and lazy at the same time. Its a rough combination. They are kinda dry, kinda boring, and with teams you are already familiar with and you know who is on them and what they do, they get very repetitive. But with the season winding down and every game important, lets crank up the preview machine.

The Sabres head into Philly tonight for a "nationally televised game" which has major playoff impact. The Flyers have been surging of late, minus their expensive center Daniel Briere. A signing that is going to kill them over the next few years. With the Cap going nowhere but down. The Flyers are 4th in the conference with 80 points, 7 ahead of the 10th placed Sabres and have 2 games on hand. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10, while the Sabres are 4-5-1. The Flyers aren't a team the Flyers are chasing, but will need to beat them in order to climb up the standings to the team that are. Who I'm going to think cool down in the next two weeks, its a streaky league. And teams stay hot for 10 or 12 games, then have a down turn.

Well Danny "poetic justice" Briere will not play tonight due to his torn groin issues. But we will see everyone's favorite Marty Biron in net tonight. Who is no doubt playing for a contract next year. Which of course no one will have money to spend. So good luck Marty!

Marty has pretty decent stats this year, 20-13-5 .912 Sv% and 2.79 GAA. Him and Niitymaki are pretty interchangeable. Thats why they haven't settled on a #1. But with Marty's good play in the playoffs last year, I see them riding him. Unless he starts to struggle.

The Flyers are very offensive team. They have 6 guys with 20 or more goals, then it falls off a cliff. But thats two solid lines of offense. Led by Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. Both have 66 points on the year. Richards is more a set up man, versus the goal scorer that is Jeff Carter. Simone Gagne has 60 points, Scott Hartnell 46, Mike Knuble 41 and Joffrey Lupul 40. You can't really take a shift off against these guys. Because when the first two lines are off the ice, the next few will punish you. Especially with a acquistion of Dan Carcillo. Who is crazy I think.

The defense is okay I think. It maybe their biggest weakness outside of goaltender. Kimmo Timonen is their best defender. Coburn and Carle are nice D Men, but they aren't what I call great. The Flyers will be a tough first round out, due to their offense. But when push comes to shove, I don't think they have to make a run this year.

The Sabres on the other hand, need this game. They are 3 points out of 8th. Yes only 4 out of 5th. But they can't lose 2 in a row. They don't know when Miller is back, and they are riding Lalime, even though he had a tough outing in Ottawa. They are rested, Derek Roy has the flu. But they need a full team effort. This is a very important week. The Flyers tonight. The Panthers on Thursday and the Thrashers on Saturday. They need to take 5 out of 6 points in this stretch.

Well game is at 7pm enjoy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who do I root for?

Well the MAAC Championships are tonight. Which to 99% of Americans is meaningless. But hey its my conference. I went to Canisius so I have actual feeling for teams in this conference. And tonight is a tough one. Because I really don't have a team to root for. First you have Niagara, who all Canisius grads hate, and hope only the worst possible outcome. But yet they seem to have success. And beat the Griffs constantly. Which is really aggravating. Its what got Mike McDonald fired and exiled to Medaille.

Then you got Siena.

Whom, always seem to be in thick of things, and they also ended the Griffs season. Which is not exceptable. The Saints know their role and thats to lose. So I can't really root for them. Siena is the less of two evils. Its in their home and it would be nice for the home crowd to celebrate, rather then the 40 people there for Niagara. Plus its Niagara, they should lose every game.

Well after Niagaras lucky win yesterday, they play a much better team at home. After playing till almost midnight and having less then 24 hours to rest. The Purple Eagles will succumb to a team thats similar to themselves.

So have fun in the NIT Niagara. BOOOOOOOO.

Un Bill evable


Well I know how, because no one else kicked the tires, apparently. And if Dallas would have traded him, the Bills would have saved money, but there would be 3 years left on the contract, and thats not a good idea with older WR's and especially for T.O. But 1 year for 6.5, I'm ok with that. They Bills aren't tight to the cap, have money to spend, so who cares if they spend too much.

But I honestly think this a great move. Its a jolt to the fanbase. That has quietly accepted we can't the Marquee names. Buffalo isn't a great place, it's not fun. Well maybe for some. But you can get the nice house here for nothing and the suburbs are exactly like any suburb in the country. Sure the weather is unstable. But whatever, if you want big city. Toronto is 2 hours away and NYC and Boston is a hour plane ride away. You can have all the fun without all the high property prices and expensive cost of living. Buffalo isn't that bad, just has a bad reputation.

Its a win win for both sides. Owens gets a nice big deal, and if he doesn't like it here, he's out after a year. If he becomes a distraction and a pain in the ass, the Bills are done with him, without any cap problems. Darcy Regier would love this deal. We all know he loves short term deals and he would love to have a superstar for one year to get him to the playoffs. Owens will play hard to get another big deal, before his bust gets made for Canton. He wants to catch Rice somewhere, you know it.

But what I love is little tidbit from today's Peter Kings MMQB.

Bills chief operating office Russ Brandon woke up sometime after midnight Friday morning and noticed there was a text message on his cell phone. So he reached over and looked. It was from Trent Edwards, the quarterback of the Bills. "T.O.'' That's all it said.

Brandon shot back with this: "?''

"T.O. was released. Go get him,'' Edwards texted back.

Trent is pretty bold, telling the GM what to do. Trent knows the history, but yet demanded that Russ go get him a weapon. And of course Dick Jauron gave the whole long answer to the short answer question.

Brandon still seemed surprised when I spoke to him late Sunday. "I went back to sleep,'' he said, "but I was stunned by it. The next morning, [coach] Dick Jauron and I talked, and he said, 'I think it's something we certainly should take a look at.' I put a call into [owner] Ralph Wilson, and he said, 'Absolutely look into it.' ''

Lee Evans wasn't mentioned, but I'm sure his answer was Hell Yeah! He is the guy who will benefit the most. The guy who will stop getting double teams and maybe see the ball more then 3 times a game. Somewhere JP Losman is going AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

But I guess the Bills aren't done. They know they aren't good enough and must add more talent. Then you look at this story. Roy Williams? Drew Rosenhaus? 4-3? Moving to Linebacker? NOOOOOOOOO! Russ don't pick up the phone!

Well you know why Owens will behave in Buffalo. He knows Marshawn is packing heat. And if Marshawn Lynch goes into Beast mode. Who knows what could happen. Well probably nothing.

But Lets Go Bills!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

MAAC Tourney Time

Well the most exciting time of the year is here. Its March Madness time. And it starts with the low level conference tourneys. And mine and your favorite Conference starts tonight. The MAAC. Its better then the other MAC. Which is filled with garbage. But enough with putting down other conferences.

But my beloved Golden Griffins kick things off against Loyola today. The Griffins are used to playing in the first round of the MAAC tourney, having been terrible for years. So the 9th placed Griffins (10-19) (4-14 in conference) plays the 8th placed Loyola Greyhounds (12-19) (7-11 in the MAAC)

They split the season series so it should be a even matchup. When they tip things off at 730 in Albany.

I'm sorry I haven't much Griff coverage this year, they are just a tough team to cover. They aren't exciting, and just ugly to watch. But they have improved from last year, a little bit. They are still terrible in the conference. Which is getting tougher. Because kids realize they can play anywhere these days and they will be noticed. So why not stay close to home. But next year should be a better year.

While former coach Mike Mcdonald takes Medaille to a division title. And a tournament bid. Medaille? Its a building with a parking lot, how do they field a basketball team, let alone a decent one? Grrr.

Niagara has a good shot at winning the tourney this year, if they can get past Siena, who is playing at home and who is very good. But its Niagara, so I hope anyone else wins the conference. Even those Iona Bastards.


The Canisius women on the other hand are pretty good. With the MAAC coach of the year Terry Zeh. They finished 22-7 and 2nd in the conference, to the annual power Marist. But as we speak, they are playing the terrible Niagara Purple Eagles. And its a half hour into the game and are probably up by 40. Close its 38-14. The Griffs are looking to take home a title, with Marie Warner leading the way.


But people its March Madness, its fun times ahead.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday recap

(Mark Mulville)
The Secret to Patrick Lalime's recent good play

Mind Control

Well the Sabres had quite the busy Wednesday. First they resign Tim Connolly to a new 2 year deal. Then bring in another goaltender to give Portland a goaltender and give Lalime a break on Friday. So they bring in a solid 2nd goaltender who can start and not totally embarrass himself, in Mikael Tellqvist. Who is probably around for a couple weeks, and when Miller comes back, is probably here for practice. Especially if they make the playoffs. That sucks for him, but I'm sure he'll find a team in the offseason. But welcome to Buffalo Mikael.

And from noon to 3pm, we all thought the Sabres were done, then the rumor of a deal. Then it appeared on the internet, and then it was official. The Sabres picked up the scoring center they needed. They traded Ales "backhand in the shootout" Kotalik for a 2nd round pick, and then they turned that into Dominic Moore, who the Leafs couldn't sign.

Dominic Moore comes in as the Sabres 4th highest scorer. 4th! He has 12 goals on the year, and is a -1, which on the Leafs is like being a +20 on the Detroit Red Wings. More points then Kotalik and tougher. Then the off and on winger who is bad in his own zone. Who I never knew why nobody wanted to ever trade him. He just seemed overpaid to me and really didn't give everything to the team.

And what number are they giving Dominic Moore? 23. Thats bold, I bet that will make Bucky upset since thats his precious Drury's number. And Bucky probably will lead the charge to get it retired and in the rafters soon.

Bucky "Connolly likely to be traded" Gleason. The article you can't find on the News website anymore. Ooo, no it was moved to Archives. Really 1 day old and moved to Archives. mmmm.

Several NHL sources in recent days have suggested that center Tim Connolly has almost no intention of re-signing with the Sabres, regardless of what he has told the organization or relayed to the media. It appears the Sabres have almost no choice but to trade him before 3 p.m. today.

Who Eklund?

With that and the Biron idea. Bucky sure came out looking terrible. It just looks he has no clue whats happening inside the Sabres. And of course today he slams the Connolly deal. What would you expect? Along with Jerry "Suddenly interested in the Sabres" Sullivan.

Thats too much money for a injured player. Blah blah Blah. How about looking into the facts. With stats and what other players in his point totals get? Then judge.

Wait thats what bloggers do? So lets take a peak. Our friend who runs, will help us?

We''ll take Tim Connolly since the lockout.

Prior to the lockout he played in 80 games 4 straight years. So his injury problems, really has only started since the Schaefer hit in the 2006 playoffs. But his point totals weren't as impressive.

2005-2006 63 games 55 points
2006-2007 2 games 1 point
2007-2008 48 games 33 points
2008-2009 30 games 27 points

That's about a .8 points per game player. Multiply that versus 82 games and thats about 66 points per season. Which isn't too bad. But when he's healthy and not fighting injuries. I'd say he's more a .9 point a game player. So 66 to 75 points a year. Who else is in that camp and what do they make?

Olli Jokkinen in the past few years is in that range, he makes 5.25

Danny Briere was in that boat last year and he makes 8

Paul Statsny will be making 6.6 Million over the next few years

Rick Nash makes 6.5 and 7 million next year. (Then a UFA) He has Leaf written all over him.

Scott Gomez will be making 8 million over what seems the next decade.

BTW the Rangers are screwed next year, almost 23 million is tied up in 4 forwards. Drury, Gomez, Naslund and Avery. Thats probably half the cap. 40 million total tied up, with 19 UFA or RFA's on their roster. Good luck John Tortorella!

As you can see, its not a bad deal, if Connolly returns to his former healthy self.


Oh and there was a game as well, where the Sabres broke a 3 game slump, and a scoring drought, by beating up on the Habs 5-1. Since January 1st the Sabres are 7-1-1 against Northeast division opponents. So they are taking care of their division. Now they just have to worry about the divisons, because they have to crawl back into the playoff standings. Only 4 points out of 5th place. And honestly I don't see the Rangers hanging on, and the Canes are in trouble. The Sabres made some good solid moves yesterday, and with the return of Vanek. It should boost them enough, till Miller comes back. But if Lalime keeps playing like he is. Miller can take his time.

There are plenty of games left. But now is the time for the Sabres to peak. Having a slump at the end of February, early March is ok. But now they have to win 65% of their games, if they want to play in April and May.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 hours left

Well there's only 2 hours left before the trading session is closed till summer. And I'm sure its the busiest time of the whole year. So as we speak.

The Sabres made two moves.

First resigning Tim Connolly for 2 years at 9 million. Which is pretty much is price range and if he plays 75% of the games, it will be a deal. He's the Sabres top center and top centers get the big bucks. Its also a good sign for the club. They need all the confidence they can muster. For how long it seems that Connolly has been here, he's only 27. So there is plenty good years left in him.

There is no doubt the Sabres have a man crush on Tim Connolly and couldn't part with him. They have been super patient with him, in a non patient business. But they do need him and his talent, lets just hope he can play.

The other move is the trade for Mikael Tellqvist. He was acquired for a 4th round pick. Its obvious they need goaltender depth. Sending Enroth back to Portland, where he belongs. But does it also is signal a longer return for Ryan Miller, or just a need for help right now. It's a temporary stopgap for the rest of the season. And he won't be back next year. Think Conklin of a couple years ago. His numbers aren't spectacular but he doesn't have to be, just good enough. The Sabres need to score.

I don't think the Sabres are done. They need to score and they need a forward. They have defensive depth and could part with a d-man. I see Spacek for a 2nd or 3rd line forward. Maybe add a pick.

But we'll see. And then we get ourselves a game tonight.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rumor mongering

The past few days have been busy for Buffalo Sports fans, combing the internets for rumors on who could be coming in or going out.

With the start of free agency, you look at what players are rumored to be interested with the Bills, plus you have the trade deadline and possible deals out there. So you comb every website, and every rumor site, looking for possible deals. Especially if your a blogger, and want to break something first, good for traffic, plus you look smart.

You go to facebook pages, you check boards, you look up other cities newspapers and see what they report. Kuklas Korner is on constant refresh, then on Wednesday the TSN page will always be minimized, so you can check if Tim Connolly was traded or Max. Or anyone. Then get upset when the Bruins get someone, the Sabres were in no way getting, but still you are upset.

There are reasons why sites like Pro Football Talk crash. Because one, its pretty accurate and gives you a heads up on possible deals going on. Even though Mike Florio takes some heat, the guy is pretty good. Sure he's wrong on stuff, but who isn't. He doesn't have the ESPN contacts, but his contacts usually work out.

Wednesday will be a non work day for most Buffaloians. We'll have WGR on, the internet fired up with every hockey site up possible. Just clamoring for something to happen. It doesn't matter if the deal is absolute garbage. We just want something to involve the Sabres. You know Max Afinogenov was traded to Los Angeles for some botox and a nose job in 2010. (That would be a good deal)

The Sabres could pick up some fourth line winger, and 50% of the area will be like. THATS THE PIECE! We're making the playoffs! Then the other 50% will call for Regiers head. Most likely nothing major is happening at HSBC Arena tomorrow. The lineup will be pretty similar to what it is today. Maybe someone will be gone, but if there is no market, there will be no deal. And from the looks of things, the waiver wire seems more active then the trade market. (I wouldn't mind if Darcy picks up Jon Sim or Brendan Morrison)

(checks kuklas korner)



Nothing. Good

Tomorrow is going to be exactly like that. Of course nothing will happen, every second. There might not be any blockbuster deals. But still you want there to be. And someone will get fleeced. (cough Don Waddell cough)

(checks Buffalo news)

Nothing. Damn

For those who are impatient, me, its going to be a long time till 3pm tomorrow. Then of course after, its more Bills speculation, which will continue until April for the draft. Its more a long process. Unlike the quick sprint of the NHL trade deadline. So that you have to constantly aware of, because deals can be struck at any time. And really who wants to find out hours later the Bills signed a backup safety? Not me thats for sure.

But today is where you get desperate. And do stupid things. I'm not talking checking messageboards. I'm talking about visiting a site. You know which one I'm talking about.

(opens up new tab)
No Fingers DON'T DO IT!

(types in


(Site opens)



Oooo thats interesting.

No it won't happen, its all made up. X it out. X IT OUT!!!!!!!!

Whew. That was dangerous. That site should really have a warning on it. Its nothing but lies and made up rumors. And nothing good can come from it. Who pays for that site? Really?

Anyway, just be patient, when things happen, you'll know about them. And don't believe everything you hear. 95% of it will be lies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet your new Bills

Apparently Scruffy was a prerequisite.

Well the Bills have made two signings during this free agency period.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Geoff Hangartner

Yeah I know household names.

But not surprising. The Bills need a backup QB, one that won't secretly want to start and undermine Trent Edwards. And a Center. They filled two needs, with cost efficient players. Thats pretty much the Bills M.O. And probably not a bad one, either. You don't build your team through Free Agency, you do it through the Draft. You add key parts through free agency.

And please stop the trade for Jay Cutler talk. I don't want Jay Cutler. If he couldn't beat the Bills last year at home, then I don't want him as my quarterback. He just seems like a selfish guy. He doesn't rub me the right way.

Picking up Coles, or trading for Tory Holt, maybe Waters from Kansas City, those make more sense, and probably make the team better. But not Jay Cutler, especially for what you have to give up. Listening to the morning show, you'd think Trent Edwards was a disaster. From early in the season, they were calling him the next Tom Brady. You can't go back and forth and come off credible. I still feel Trent Edwards is the guy. I've seen enough. The concussion no doubt effected him.

Oh Boy here's a story about Geoff Hangartner from his college days.

A Texas A&M football player arrested on a drunken driving charge says he didn't yell racial slurs outside a fast-food restaurant as alleged in a police report, his attorney says.

Geoff Hangartner was charged early Monday with driving while intoxicated after police said they followed his vehicle from the restaurant to a nearby home where he failed a field sobriety test.

A Drunk racist.

He'll fit right in with this town.

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