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Friday, July 11, 2008

Fam1ly F1rst

Bills players throwing up Gang Signs. Better then White girls I guess.

I was reading Chris Brown's Blog on, and he had a article on Marshawn hosting a Football camp. Ok, thats great but it was a Fam1ly F1rst camp. What's Fam1ly F1rst? Besides misspelling words with numbers, which would make a grammar teacher have a stroke. Well it looks like one of those groups that tries to market kids to colleges, like Ted Ginn Sr does. But this is the west coast version. And it looks like Marshawn is his prize disciple.

AJ Jackson seems to run this organization and 7th round pick Steve Johnson is also a Fam1ly F1rst member. (ed note, its really hard to type that) So are the Bills bringing in this guys recruits. I like the idea of a mentor, but this guy looks like he is making a living on the talent of the athletes. They have merchandise and camp and whatever you can think of from a husband and wife mentor business. Oh sports mentoring, because mentoring regular kids is a waste of time.

My question is who does Marshawn listen to for all his advice? Did he listen to his lawyer during the "hit and run" thing or was "Coach Jack" the one telling him what to do. Because as Mr Lynch states.

"Its been great having Coach Jack as a mentor the last few years, I look at him as a member of my family." Marshawn Lynch

This guy is family to Marshawn. Thats important. Was it Coach Jack telling him to wait it out. Don't talk to anyone, while the lawyer gave other advice? We will never know. I'm just weary of these mentors. They operate on the same level as cult leaders. They tried to guide you on some path and when you make it, they want their cut, because "they helped you" And by that time, I'm sure they have totally gotten in their heads. Marshawn is running this camp. He's the star attraction. So when its time for a new contract, who is he going to listen to, his agent? Or Coach Jack, who I know would love him in the Bay area. And by that time Frank Gore has probably run himself in the ground and the Bills are looking for a new star tailback.

Seriously what mentor lists these as goals?

  • To provide the best customer service possible
  • To make each client feel like the only client
  • To help our clients feel more confident
  • To assist young football players in preparation for high school football
  • To provide assistance to student athletes with recruiting
  • To provide a marketing plan to help expose student athletes to various universities nationwide

  • Thats not a mentoring service thats a marketing agency! How about making them better people or caring about school?

    I just don't trust these people. I know he probably cares about his clients, but I feel its probably just a way to make money without really working. If an athlete is good these days really how hard would it be to get them recruited? Especially in California where high school football is huge.

    Well its nice to know Marshawn puts Family First and Canadian pedestrians second.

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