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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interesting basketball article.

A story thats so important that its a sports story in the City and Region part, or sports fans don't care so its in the city and region section?

But it looks like a Raptors preseason game and possibly a regular season game will be played in Buffalo, starting in 2009. As the Raptors try to expand the fanbase by coming to the NBA hotbed that is Buffalo Niagara. Oh wait no one cares about the NBA? Well I'd go to this. It would be fun and the Raptors are going to be decent. And probably would bring interest to the NBA in this area again.

Of course who is behind it, non other then the News editor Stanford "right of the 1800's" Lipsey and Chuck Schumer.

Following efforts begun by Lipsey, Schumer spoke with Raptors Chairman Larry Tannenbaum about the possibility of bringing some National Basketball Association games to HSBC Arena as early as the fall of 2009.

“They’re very eager about having some of their games played in Buffalo,” Schumer said Tuesday while in Wyoming County.

Lipsey said the Raptors are “very interested, and I would expect us to get a preseason game in 2009.”

How about regular-season games?

“I wouldn’t say it’s done, but I think it’s on the table,” Schumer replied.

This story has come out of nowhere and it shows when one man has an idea, like hey they get one of our games, lets get some of their games. And since Mr Tannenbaum is involved in the Bills Toronto game, and owns the Raptors, and the Leafs. Oh no, should we as Buffalo Sports fans get involved with a man who has an interest in the Laffs?

Personally I think its a great idea. I would love to go to a Raptors game, and would probably make me a Raptors fan, since I am a NBA free agent. Sure they have a dumb mascot. The color scheme ain't so hot and I don't know much about them. But hey they play here, I'm more apt to root for this team.

Some people are starting to imagine how good it would be for Buffalo to link itself to Toronto. Look at New Jersey, its linked itself to NYC and Philly, its a state that does pretty well for itself for having really nothing good about it. If they get some of our football and we get some of their basketball. (Hey how about some blue jays games?) You can keep the Leafs though we got our own thanks.

Lets see how this story evolves and here's to hoping the NBA makes a return to the Queen city.

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