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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dick Jauron makes you go Uhhh?

I'm in bed getting ready to go to sleep, and I have the 10 oclock news on, since I go to sleep early. And I hear the story about the Commish and Schumer at Bills camp, and the topic of Marshawn not going to be punished for his traffic violation came up. Which I think everyone knew was going to happen. But what Coach Jauron said about it, made me go. What? Did he just say what I think he said? Heres the clip (his comment is at 1:05 of the piece)


Lets see that in print. "I didn't anticipate anything, because it wasn't my position to anticipate"

I still have no idea what that means. Didn't this man go to Yale? Shouldn't he come up with something that doesn't make me go, what? Uh? Or is it such a over my head statement, I can't even comprehend the significance of this comment. Is that a quadruple negative? Not only didn't he anticipate anything, he wasn't even in the position to start to anticipate. And if he was going to anticipate, he still wasn't in the position to anticipate. Ow my head hurts, trying to wrap my brain around this quote. Normally people talking goes right through my brain, but this one stuck right away. Did the reporters just ignore it, like most of what Jauron says. I swear this man could say anything, but in his tone and matter of speaking, people would just ignore it.

Reporter: Coach, what do you think of Global Warming
Jauron: Well, we still haven't really proved that its real or uh not. But even if it is, we um, uh don't need all these um polar bears anyway.
Reporter: Ok, so Trent Edwards how is he looking?

But seriously, what in the hell does that sentence mean? Just because you're not in position to anticipate, doesn't mean you can't anticipate a final outcome to a situation. People do that all the time. I'm anticipating the Bills season. What position would I have to be in to not be? A fan of the Seahawks? Hes the head coach of the team, he of all people should be in the position to anticipate the outcome of one his best players. If say he was suspended and he didn't anticipate it, then he'd be unprepared, and being unprepared as a head coach is unacceptable.

Maybe I'm the only one that caught the ridiculousness of this comment and can't imagine us saying anything like that ever. Wait, didn't another person who says stupid things all the time go to Yale? Hey he became President. Doing a good job Yalie.

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