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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Typical Sabre fan opening up todays Buffalo News.

(In break room, local Sabre fan opens up todays Buffalo News and sees this article about Tom Golisano)

Sabre Fan: Wait, WHAT? 5 million dollars for political candidates. What about free agents? He could have used that on BROOKS ORPIK!

Coworker: Well he does have other interests and its an interesting idea.

Sabre Fan: BROOKS ORPIK!!!!

Coworker: Well he's not worth that much anyway, the trade for Rivet made much more sense.

Sabre Fan: They could have had Brian Campbell for 5 million dollars! 5 for 25!!!!!

Coworker: Well thats what the agent offered, you don't just agree to what ever an agent asks, thats not good business.

Sabre Fan: You're not good business.

Coworker: (Looks puzzled) I better at the job then you are, so your statement is wrong.

Sabre Fan: Whatever, this is proof that Golisano is cheap and doesn't care about the Sabres. He'd rather spend it on this crap. Might as well throw it down the drain. Brooks Oprik would have been awesome.

Coworker: Actually this is probably a better use of his money, since it can bring in change to Albany. Where change is really needed. Brooks Orpik probably wouldn't be that much more of an impact then Craig Rivet will be on the defense. Plus you get a guy under a good contract for several years. Its good business.

Sabre Fan: (Getting angry at use of logic) What do you know, you probably don't even know hockey. I was on the Wheatfield Blades as a kid.

Coworker: Really, I was on the Amherst Knights, then St Joes, then played a little at college. I wasn't very good, so I had to focus on my career.

Sabre Fan: Whatcha you play, Left out (giggles to himself)

Coworker: I was a center actually.

Sabre Fan: ANYWAY, its obvious that Mr Moneybags, rather spend it on some crappy politicians then make the Sabres a cup winner. Its just a business to him. If I owned the Sabres they would be awesome. I'd have all these great players, like Drury, Briere and Campbell. We'd win the cup every year.

Coworker: How would fit them all under the cap?

Sabre Fan: 5 for 25 dummy.

Coworker: You'd have like 11 players.

Sabre Fan: We'd be so awesome thats all we would need.

Coworker: I hope to God, you never run this company.

Sabre Fan: Don't even get me started on what I would do to improve this dump.

(Coworker gets up and goes back to work)

Sabre Fan: WHAT! Jason Smith signed with the Sens. We totally should have signed him too. He's only 5 million for 2 years. What is Darcy doing. Darcy totally sucks. Screw this, I can't read this anymore.

(Sabre Fan crumples up newspaper, throws it away and goes back to work)

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