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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey there Bills

Hey we are like 2 weeks till the Bills report to training camp. Which is always exciting for every Bills fan. That beginning of the year hope, before you watch this team blow leads in October and question why you root for this organization. While the Sabres talk will die down in late July and August the Bills talk will build and build. Talk about rookies signing, how does Marcus Stroud look and whether or not Derek Fine is the answer at TE. But the Big Bills news from the week was the Donte Whitner guarantee. The article really is about Whitner helping out McKelvin and showing him the ropes, and then throws in the "I guarantee we're making the playoffs" Personally I love it. I want my team to be cocky. To feel they are going to win every week. I have no problem with it.

Well the Bills signed rookie Steve Johnson, who has made a name for himself already as a Bill. As Marshawn's copilot in the infamous "hit and run". Well looking at things Mr Johnson also likes to rap. So their might be a competition to the WGR Bills rap. Which I always enjoy. And would love a training camp edition. Steve, take it away

Language is strong, as you would expect with most rap songs


Well also they handed out another reup. To Kyle Williams. Wait wait wait. 14 million over 3 years for Kyle Williams. I like Kyle Williams. But is he worth that much money. Plus they resigned Brad Butler. Ok, now we work on Lee Evans and Jason Peters.

Ohhh I see why they signed Brad Butler, he "plays to the whistle"

But other then that the news on the Bills front is pretty quiet, especially after the Marshawn saga ended. Now they get to roll into St John Fisher and people can try to make cases why some rookie free agent will make the team, when in reality they have no shot. Hopefully sometime in the summer I'll head out to St John Fisher. Really its a fun time.

Hey its been months since James Hardy pulled a gun on anyone! Thats a good sign right?

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