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Monday, July 7, 2008

Rollin' on the Rivet

Yes I can create awful tag lines like a newspaper can.

Well as I was enjoying the weekend, I noticed on Saturday morning, that the Sabres actually made some moves. First was the Bernier trade. I was like what? For picks. mmmm. Then a little farther down it was a trade for Craig Rivet. Nice. You lose the 2nd coming of Taylor Pyatt in Bernier. You know the ladies love him, yet he disappears for games on end, and then ship him to Vancouver. Where he'll be a 20 goal scorer. Good for him. Could care less about Vancouver.

But then using the trade assets for a physical vet defensemen in Craig Rivet. Of course moves no one saw coming and you go, mmm a guy signed at 3.5 for a few years for basically a RFA who you probably would have paid 3.5 million a year anyway. I say you get more from Rivet then from Bernier. So thats a win. Lets look at Mr Rivet's career.

Well isn't a super offensive guy but with 35 points last year and 34 points in each of the two previous years. He's almost a half a point a game guy when healthy. And since the lockout he's played a majority of the games. Also a guy thats not afraid to mix it up. You know who he had more points then last year? Steve Bernier. He also had 1 less point in the playoffs then Brian Campbell last year.

I like

Andrew Peters should watch that on a loop.

Ok, maybe Andrew Peters found a one way ticket outta here.

And now Rayzor?

Well Ray got him there.

Well I'm pretty happy with this acquisition. Not quite sure if they are done. I know they would love unload some more forwards, but not ones they really want. Bernier was a player I'm sure they didn't mind parting ways with, if it meant someone they wanted in their price range.

Even if it meant forcing someone to come here, even though no one wants to be here. Because its so terrible.

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