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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sifting through the wreckage

Well its now day 2 in NHL Free agency and the man above is the first Sabre signing of the new season, well outside the organization, and yes I said first. Because its not all about one day. Its a long process. There are deals to be made, plenty of talent out there still. Sure the Sabres might be out of the Orpik race, because they realize they aren't going to pay 5 million for a 3rd defenseman. He doesn't score, and really only has 1 good year, so why should he get that much money again? Sure he's a local kid, but maybe he doesn't want to play here? I still say Steve Montador would be a quality signing. The Sabres don't need a big name defenseman. They need depth. They have a top pair in Lydman and Tallinder. They had a off year, and they'll come back strong next year. What do I know about money know. This is what I said about Jeff Finger a couple days ago "Probably on the cheap side 1.5 to 2 million" THE LEAFS SIGNED HIM TO 4 years 14 million! Jeff welcome to the TO, prepared to get booed heavily.

Lets look through the TSN signing tracker and see the interesting items that pop out.

Tampa Bay has gone insane. Unless they are trying to fill out their lineup so their minor league team is better. But they are going to have some training camp issues for sure. And maybe a place to pick up some talent.

Michael Ryder for 4 million a year? Seriously Boston? That is a terrible signing and Michael Ryder isn't a 2 million a year player.

Mark Streit is off the market, good, hes garbage.

Rozsival signed for the exact amount I would predict, the 5 million a year.

Mike Commodore signed in Columbus. I think he likes playing in a no pressure market.

Ditto for Cory Stillman

Someone tell WGR Huet was signed for a little over 4 million a year, not 5. So don't worry about Ryan Miller, his price is the same. Overpaid.

The Coyotes are going to be decent next year. That Kurt Sauer signing is underrated and a bargain.

Brian Campbell? Good for him. Good town, hopefully he can lead the resurgence of the Hawks.

Plenty of good guys left, and I think Darcy is looking to deal and sign. He wants to create room first to bring in guys. I will be just as excited today to see what happens.

And Bucky?

Tampa Bay became a destination of choice because the Lightning took a proactive, aggressive approach into the offseason. They had more needs than the Sabres did, but they also wasted little time in addressing them. The Bolts made themselves attractive.

Nothing about Tampa is attractive, except for the weather. They are going to be bad next year because THEY HAVE NO DEFENSE. And they are looking to ship their best D-man. I seriously don't know what the Lightning are doing.

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