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Monday, July 21, 2008

Training Camp starts this week.

Oh boy its that time of year, no I'm not talking about the Fair, its training camp time. Football fans rejoice as the guys hit the sleds, and sleep in dorm rooms after practice. The long offseason is almost at an end. And the Sabres move to the back burner, and we start talking about who will be the 3rd TE and the Nickel corner this year. I don't think I'll be able to head down to St John Fisher this year, but I recommend it. It was at camp I bought a Lee Evans jersey. He was that good as a rookie that day. Hopefully James Hardy will inspire some else to make a purchase that probably isn't that smart.

So what will be the issues at camp this year?

1) Marshawn and the hit and run.

You know the media is going to be all over him about this for first couple days. Hopefully he'll be ready to deal with it. Saying it was a mistake, I apologized and I'm moving on, and I'm here to get better and get the Bills into the playoffs.

2) How does the defense look?

Obviously the defense was awful last year, look at the stats, they were baaaaaad. So they instead of making splashy moves, made smart moves. Trading for a player they need in Stroud. Drafting corners and other need on defense. Signing veteran depth guys, like Spencer Johnson and Will James. Brought in a Kawika Mitchell who can only help Paul Pozlusny. There are now a good mix of young guys and older guys on defense. But how do they mesh?

3) Trent Edwards

This is a very important training camp for Edwards. Now with the new offensive coordinator, how quick he picks up the new offense and meshing with the WR's, especially James Hardy. The Bills and Bills fans can not put up with a crappy year from the QB's.

4) Tight Ends

Well I always feel the QB make TE's great, unless they are the Antonio Gates of the world. But the Bills need to utilize the position. They were terrible in the red zone, and I feel this is where the good TE's excel. Tight spaces where their height over linebackers is key. They seem high on Derek Fine, so maybe he can be that 20 to 30 catch guy that helps out Trent when things are tight.

5) Contract extensions

The Bills gave Kyle Williams and extension, but they really have to work on Lee Evans and Jason Peters. Lee is in his final year and will get an outrageous contract in the offseason. He is a captain and a star. Without Lee Evans this is a sorry group of wide receivers. Jason Peters has 3 years left, but has turned into a pro bowler. You could say he should honor the contract. But contract numbers are a source of pride in the NFL and you can't your left tackle all mopey that he isn't paid like he should be. Give him the money, make him happy, plus you lock down a big time tackle for a long time.

Some of the questions will be answered and some will have to wait till midseason. But its great to see football back.

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