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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Bisons why you so terrible?

Hey guys, sorry I haven't really seen a game this year, kinda busy and all. But I do follow along and see the news. So you guys aren't very good this year. But why? Is it because I'm not there to watch or is it the play on the field?

Well at least your not last in the league, right? Yes I know you're 17 games out of first and the playoffs are a long shot. But the Indians could have more firesales and some of you could make the majors by the end of the year. (Looks at stats) Oh yikes. Well Cabrera is probably going back to Cleveland soon, since hes hitting .333. And the Tribe couldn't a tee ball at this point. Hey how is that former all star doing, you know Morgan Ensberg? Oh hes hitting .170 with 2 rbi's. Yeah hes done. Why did Cleveland sign him again? Did they feel sorry for him or did they have hope. Or is he there for the kids? (Looks over more stats) Wait, how does a LF have 10 errors? How do they even get errors? Besides not knowing how to catch pop flys.

Well so how was the pitching, before the year the staff was looking like something to head down to the ballpark. Wait wheres Laffey, Sowers, Miller? Oh Laffey and Sowers are in Cleveland and Miller got hurt again. Well if it weren't for the Sabbathia trade Sowers would be in Buffalo again, he is horrible this year. Who know Cliff Lee was their best pitcher. The best pitcher on the Herd? Probably Edward Buzachero, (what happened to Bubbie) who apparently starts and can save games. This is one of those perfect minor league pitchers that can do it all. His WHIP ain't too bad neither is the ERA. Maybe he'll find his way to Cleveland and work his way on the Tribe. Who are just as bad as the Bisons are, this year.

If only the Indians sent someone to help the Bisons woes. Mmmm, what? Jeff Weaver? Oh thats just mean. Seriously. Juan Rincon now Jeff Weaver? They really want the Bisons to leave don't they. Who's next Hidecki Irabu?

Well I'm sure I'll head down to the ballpark eventually. Bisons games are usually a good time. Maybe next year, they'll have a parent who cares about them.

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