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Thursday, July 3, 2008

So is Darcy the worst ever?

The answer to that question is no. But listening to one Howard Simon, who as he gets older gets dumber. Really I listen to the show. Yes it hurts my brain half the time and it makes me angry. I guess thats the point of Newspaper columnists and radio guys to get people angry and make them stupid. But seriously Darcy knows what he is doing. He has a plan. He won't listen to public pressure. He won't bow to public pressure. That is exactly what you want your GM to be. He doesn't go out and sign guys to make press, (cough) Tom Donohoe (cough). He has a budget to work with. And if people see they have 46 million signed right now with players to sign. If its 50, mmm, quick math geniuses, not a ton of money. Lowe really screwed over this team with that Vanek offer sheet.

But its like listening to 10 year old kids. WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ANYTHING????(Stomp stomp stomp, pout) Darcy is like that responsible parent that won't spoil you with shiny toys, and want to do your homework, because in the end you'll be better off. Sure you'll hate him now, but when you are getting scholarships and not having to pay for school for 20 years, you'll see how good he really was. And thats the point with Darcy hes the thinking mans GM. He's the guy that doesn't see the need to spend lots of money on guys, you may already have on the farm. Leaving the fan, going Whats going on? Why aren't you doing anything? PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!

When has Darcy ever signed anyone flashy in free agency? Teppo? He makes quality trades that somehow better the team while shifting money around. Its like a great signing without really spending money. Its how good business is run. Briere for Gratton. Drury for Warrener and Reinprecht, who was never on the team. Now he has excess forwards on the team. So he has trade bait. And for all those that said trade Kalinin, now hes free to be picked up, look at all the action on him. Obviously he has zero value. When the market starts thinning out, is when you make your moves. Well that guy is gone, so I guess we trade someone for something we really want. And thats why the Dan Boyle rumors are so strange to me. The Lightning without Dan Boyle are terrible. But I don't know if Dan Boyle is that much worse then Brian Campbell. Brian Campbell to me is an emotional trainwreck, and heres my prediction, the weight of a huge contract will get to him. Lucky hes in a market that doesn't care too much about hockey right now. In Toronto he'd have a nervous breakdown.

Yes I would love to for the Sabres to do something. It would make great news. But I don't want them to do something crazy. So I'm going to let Darcy do what he needs to do, give him time, trust in what his plan.

Whats the record under the Regier Regime?
I have ties and ot losses as the same. To make things look good

Wins 362
Losses 302
ties/OT 107

Thats pretty good for a small market team that lives under the budget. If things go well this year he'll reach 400 wins this season. Thats pretty good in my eyes. This team has been under standard operation with Regier for 10 years. They have a winning record. They make the playoffs. They have reached 4 Eastern Conference finals. When will people just give Darcy the benefit of the doubt? Oh wait never, because people hate not being able to control things. But for me Darcy, you can do whatever you want. I'll wait.

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tgetman said...

After seeing the headline I was really ready to get angry. Using the old MSM trick to get me to read your article. Well played sir, well played.

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