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Monday, July 28, 2008

A time to rant

Most likely you will not fly in something this nice

Ok I got back last night from a nice trip to Washington DC. A good place to visit if you like museums and walking around seeing giant government buildings. Not tall buildings, wide buildings. Plus you can see pandas for free.

But I gotta rant about US Airways. I knew when I booked the flight that I didn't really prefer US Airways, but it cut the cost, so alright I'll suffer. Well the flight there wasn't that bad. It went to Laguardia on this small plane, then to BWI on a place with propellers. Seriously? Are we in Alaska? Is this WWII? I have to walk on the tarmac to step into the plane? Well it got there thank god. Then it led to a nice long vacation with my girlfriend. The hotel was ok, it was a bit hot, but whatever there was tons of stuff to do. Then on Sunday it came to leave. We got on the Metro, took the bus shuttle to BWI and we enter the terminal. Something makes me look at the departure board. Its 630pm and our flight is 855pm. Hey we wanted to eat and relax. And I see it CANCELED. Crap. Ok I guess we'll have to stand in line. The only airline with a line was US Airways. They have two people working the First Class desk and one woman for the rest of us. What? We stand there. I get a phone call that our flight is canceled. NO really, I didn't know. There are others in front that are on the earlier flight that is also delayed going into Philly, then somewhere else. Hubs are dumb idea I think. It just leads to airline nightmares if that hub is shut down.

Well I decide to call customer service, (yes in India) who gives me a option for a flight at Reagan. Um hello I'm at BWI, thats not gonna work, why not a flight from Boston or Richmond. Well then I'm like my girlfriend has to get home, since she has an important job. I ask her to see if there are any other flights to Buffalo in this airport. She runs over to the board and a couple directs from Southwest from BWI to Buffalo. Beautiful, we will get out of here no matter what. We keep on waiting in this line that never moves. The clerk person is like anyone going to Buffalo. US ! US! US!!! Well theres a 1055 flight from philly to buffalo. Yes I know I am booked on said flight. So what about the early flight so I can get that flight? Wait in line. WHAT? It leaves at 755 and there is no way I'm going to catch waiting in this line. This is unacceptable for my girlfriend so goes finds Southwests phone number. Gets two tickets on the 10:10 flight. For only $269. This is after berating the woman at Customer service in India. I have no idea what she said, but she said people looked at her, with that "thank god I'm not on the other end of the phone" face. My girlfriend is sweet, but she doesn't take no for an answer. Its one of the many reasons I love her. Now we can wait in line to get any type of refund possible. Finally the first class clerk, not the rude regular class lady, takes care of us. We get refunded for the flight we won't take. 140 bucks. Then run over to the Southwest terminal at BWI, which feels like an oasis to the purgatory the US Airways section was like.

We get our tickets, breeze through security, eat dinner and wait. We get on the plane a Boeing 737, like in the picture above, you know a real airplane. With a airline that serves snacks and doesn't charge $15 a bag, oh wait thats for the first bag. We get in earlier then before with the other plan. I run to to the arrival board to see that Philly to Buffalo flight. CANCELED. HA! I knew it. Screw you US Airways. I hope to never use you again. Southwest to the rescue.

So to the Customer service who refused to get us on any other airline thats not in their "Star Alliance" screw you. If you just helped us get another flight I wouldn't be mad. But my girlfriend did all the work. Making it easy for you to give the refund. Thanks for nothing. You just were put with Continental on my do not fly list.

Southwest once again you made me happy. Even with your crazy boarding procedure.

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