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Friday, April 3, 2009

Been Busy

Well its been busy lately, and I don't have much time to blog, which is sad, because I really like to. I use to blog almost 3 times a day. But now, I'm lucky to log in to the account. There isn't any time nor do I have a lot to say. But today, lucky for me, there is some time, and I do want to say something.

A game like tonight should get me excited, the Sabres usually play up to competition. So the lack of bad teams on the schedule doesn't concern me. But its just I don't really care if they make the playoffs or not. This isn't a great team. They aren't magically gonna pull it together and get the cup. They just aren't you can tell. And this team isn't mentally or physically tough enough. Thats okay, because you can make changes and improve team toughness. But I know I'll be busy and have more important things to do, so it won't bother me to miss playoff games. So should they tank? Doesn't matter won't improve their draft status enough to have a change at Tavares or Hedman. This is an audition. See who wants it, and wants to play here. If not, trade them away, pick up assets. If this were the NFL, I'm sure they would look to pick up draft picks. But now they can pick up young talent.

I'm sure I'll catch a period or so of tonight's game. It's Alex Ovechkin, so he is fun to watch. But its hard to get up for this team. They frustrate you, take stupid penalties, find ways to lose and the most frustrating thing of all is they look like they don't care. I don't know if management needs changing, but the roster does. There is no fear. They were playing well before the deadline, and when it passed, things went back to hunky dory. We're safe, lets relax. If someway they can't have guys fear for jobs every day, you may have a hungrier team.

Leading Scorer, gets a bonus
2nd leading scorer gets a contract extention
3rd leading scorer, gets his ass cut.

And if thats a little too hard core. How about something preaches good defensive play.

For forwards, any player with a minus is gone. You a minus 1, you minus a job. Yes I know this theory would have gotten rid of Chris Drury. Maybe exceptions may apply.

For Defenders, any player with a minus 10, is gone. You can't defend, your done. If a guy is desperate to keep a job, he'll do anything to keep the puck out of the net.

Desperate times call for desperate players.

2 years straight of not reaching your goal, is what we call failure. And with failure comes change.


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