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Friday, January 30, 2009

Beast Mode in the Pro Bowl

Well when Jason Peters dropped out of the Pro Bowl, again. It looked like there would be no Bills playing in the game in two weeks, making it totally unwatchable. Now Marshawn Lynch has been called up, with Chris Johnson stepping out. So Beast Mode gets to hit up Hawaii. I couldn't think of another guy who would enjoy this more then Marshawn Lynch. He had a pretty good year with the struggles of the offensive line he finished with...

250 carries for 1036 yards for 8tds and a 4.1 yards a carry
Along with 47 catches for 300 yards and another score.

He was definitely the Bills best player this year and behind a better line, he would have ran wild this year. Marshawn has a nose for the endzone and I'm sure will get a score in Hawaii.

I may now watch some of the Pro Bowl just to see Lynch. Then again I may not. Because its a useless game, that for the most part has no one playing hard, since no one wants to get hurt.

And for old times sake

Getting named to the Pro Bowl is Solid. And it don't get better then solid.


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