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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sending out a APB on Dan Paille

A actual picture of Dan Paille would be here, but I forgot what he looked like

Well missing in the recent winning streak of the Sabres, is the complete disappearance of one Daniel Paille. I've heard he's on the roster. But you rarely see him during games anymore. For a guy that almost scored 20 goals last year, you'd think you'd hear about him. But when watching games, you think you see a 20 out there, but you aren't quite sure. So if you see him let me know. The stats show he played and he had 2 shots on goal yesterday. Mmm they might mistake him for someone else.

He has been known to assciate with people as Clarke MacArthur or a Ales Kotalik. And sometimes a Paul Gaustad. If you see him, please contact Lindy Ruff.

But seriously, this guy has dropped off the face of the planet. Another forward, who you get nothing from for weeks. Its not just Max. If MacArthur didn't have weeks of good play, he'd be in this group too. Hecht is definitly on this list, and Kotalik.

Since December 1st

2 goals 3 assists -3. 18 shots on goal in 17 games.

He's not hurting the team, but he sure isn't helping the team. He had 19 goals and 35 points last year. He's lucky if he gets 10 goals this year. And with Tim Connolly coming back, he might find his way on the bench. Or traded. Dan Paille could be a good pickup for someone else. He's just another one of those inconsistent forwards. Who can play the penalty kill and play defense. And what I've seen from Matt Ellis, so can he at a cheaper price. If you can get a steady defenseman for Dan Paille, I'd swing that deal.

But please when you find Dan Paille, tell him to pick up his game, or he is on the way out.

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