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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Take on UB Football

Everyone is going crazy about the UB Bulls playing in a bowl game. (5 other people in the MAC also are in bowl games 0-3 so far) Me?

I don't care. I really don't. It's a nice story and it makes Buffalo proud of itself, but its all bandwagon jumping. But lets get serious here. They aren't a top level division 1 program. They are a couple bounces away from a losing season. UB wasn't very competitive against bigger schools. People will talk about the the Missouri game. But now we have a whole season to look back up and Missouri has proven not to be a class of their own conference, yet alone BCS teams.

Then you get the argument we can somehow switch off from Bills football to Bulls Football and it will be the same.

WHAT? Are you serious? Not in a million years. UB is low level Division 1 Football, and when Drew Willy is gone, losing low level Division 1 football. Which isn't going to inspire anyone to head to UB North Campus. They are winning and it still doesn't get anyone out there. The International Bowl is probably lucky to get UB, otherwise there be 5ooo people at that game. Now there might 12ooo people.

The Bulls are decades away from establishing a tradition in this town. Big time College Athletics are built on the students enthusiasm. And when have you ever seen great enthusiasm from UB? UB is a big school with lots of students and rarely is Alumni Arena filled for Basketball games. Which is a small venue for school size. Then there is the attendence at UB football games.

Heres the ACTUAL attendence at the home games

Vs UTEP 16656
VS Temple 18333
Vs W Michigan 15025
Vs Army 21719
Vs Miami 16058
Vs Kent State 13745

Total 101,536

Less than 17k per game.

Capacity of UB Stadium, 29013

That's over 12,000 empty seats at most home games.

Those would be bad numbers for the Sabre games. And everyone has to pay for those tickets.

So when actual people sit in the seats next year, and with the prices and the hype, I'm sure season tickets will go up. But if they start losing again, and when Turner Gill leaves, there's going to be a lot of empty seats.

If UB Students don't go to games. Why should I? I didn't go there. I don't have any affiliation to the team. And really I don't care how well they do. I'm sorry but UB Football will never be a big thing. It will never come close to Bills football.

Its a great story this year, but its not the start of something. Trust me. This ain't a college sports town and never will be.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you have the right to your opinion and all that jazz, but seriously, proofread things before you post them. This article is full of grammatical errors that make you come off as ignorant and unprofessional.

Jonathan said...

You are right.

I'll go through it again.

And I don't get paid, so I'm not professional so I guess I don't have to worry.

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