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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sabres Flames

The Sabres head South on their current road trip, to run into the Calgary Flames. Yes another one of those teams I have no idea about, and when I look at the roster there's a lot of who's and how's and he's on the Flames? But this won't be easy. The Sabres won't take the Flames by surprise after last night. The Flames sure won't want to be blown out at home, so the Sabres will get the Flames ready to go.

The Flames coached by Mike Keenan, forgot that, are in First place of the Northwest with 60 points. Which isn't as strong as years past. (In my opinion) The Sabres are already 3-0-1 on the season versus Northwest Division opponents. This will be the conclusion of the season against the division. Lets hope the boys in Blue and Gold can close out the season series with another quality win.

I won't bore you with insight, because I know nothing of the Flames, but the key guys are.

  • Jarome Iginla who is the Captain and point leader leader with 53
  • Mike Cammalleri who leads the team with 22 goals. Really? Is the first thing that comes to mind, then I realize he plays with Iginla.
  • Damon Langkow has 37 points on the year.
  • Todd Bertuzzi has 31 points and hasn't put anyone into a coma this year
  • Dion Phaneuf has 30 points, but a -9.
  • And my guy who I would love to be on the Sabres Craig Conroy. I think he'd be perfect for this team right now has a solid 24 points on the year.
Well I look for the typical Western Canadian hockey game. Tough physical, with some scoring, and what Hockey should be. Last night won't be repeated.

This one will be a TSN feed, so pro canada comments and statements about the Sabres that Sabres fans go really? They think that? Whatever.

Enjoy this one.

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