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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Sports preview

The Perfect picture, if the Sabres throw up on the ice tonight.

Well its an exciting sports weekend.

The Sabres play a very important game tonight at home. The Hurricanes come to town, right behind the Sabres and its the first game of the series and the first look at the return of Paul Maurice.

I think its a good tell of this team in how they come out tonight. They won a big game in Dallas, and if they fall flat again, really this team needs some overhauling. (Still think that no matter what) How many times does Lindy have to fire these guys up, until they get it for themselves? They should know to come out hard and play every shift, instead of 2 of 5 shifts. Or what it looks like.

Please come out hard and entertain the fans, they don't need scoring to be entertained. They need hard play. Banging in the corners, clean checks. Nastiness. Thats what will get them into the game.


The other big event is the NFL conference championships.

Remember when the Bills were in those? Yeah good times. That was how long ago? 1993? Oh man thats a long time ago. Thats almost pre internet. The Bills haven't been relevant since the internet. There is something to think about.

Now my picks, based not on facts but feeling alone.

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore

Steelers take this one. At home, Joe Flacco isn't that good. And they will run the ball. No matter what. They look like they are prepared and losing is not an option.

Arizona vs Philadelphia

A lot of people are picking the Eagles, and I will also pick the Eagles. More experience, better defense. And Jim Johnson is going to make Kurt Warner miserable. The Eagles offense will do enough to win. It won't be a blowout, but the winner won't be in doubt.

Anyway, gotta run.

Have a great sports weekend.

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