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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Worst Loss at Home in Oilers History

Dan Riedhuber

Let that title sink in. The Sabres went into Edmonton and completely laid waste to this team. Looking at Edmonton, you'd think it would be a good matchup. But the Sabres actually played probably their best game of the season. If Edmonton were on their game, it probably may have been a 5-3 win. But they weren't so it was 10-2. And the crowd wanted the Sabres to score 10. (Maybe they give out free pizzas if that happens)

But lets look at the game. From a numbers stand point.

Jaro Spacek 1 goal and a +4.
Drew Stafford 3 goals and a +2
Tim Connolly 2 goals 1 assist and a+3
Thomas Vanek 3 points and a +2
Kotalik and Pominville both with 2 assists.
Toni Lydman +3
Marc Andre Gragnani +2


Dan Paille -1

How the hell is Dan Paille a -1? Did he not exist? He only played 8 minutes, only Mair played less, and he got hurt. Dan Paille almost scored 20 goals last year, now he's struggling on the 4th line. And when Kaleta comes back, is in real danger of sitting in the press box. And his season stats are even worse

46 games 4 goals 13 points and a -8

Tim Connolly has 13 points in 14 games this year. Paul Gaustad has better stats then Dan Paille. And most consider Goose a Grinder. Really if trades are coming up. Dan Paille's name must be mentioned, he could be a key in getting a great vet on the blue line if they throw him in to sweeten a deal. Not that I'm giving up on the kid, he has a nice contract, so he's not dead weight, but he has the potential to bring in someone that could make a difference on a nightly basis.

Speaking of Tim Connolly since coming back against the Rangers, the Sabres are 5-3 and he's scored 5 goals. There is no doubt when he's in the lineup the Sabres are a much better team. He gives the team extra offense and danger, that they really needed. He plays 20 minutes a game almost. Can give you quality power play and penalty kill time, short handed goal last night. I'm a big fan of Tim Connolly I think he's fun to watch. Watch him backcheck and notice how many times he snatches the puck away. Hes that quality guard in basketball. He can score, set up his teammates, but then can shut things down on the other end.

If he stays healthy and the Sabres can bring in a quality vet forward and defensemen. They could do a little damage in the postseason. The team has playoff experience throughout. Ryan Miller is always better in the postseason. And they still have Lindy Ruff behind the Bench.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets just think about Calgary.

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