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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Briere sent down?

Well in a interesting and a delaying the inevitable, Danny Briere is going to the minors for a rehab stint.

Now I'm not Bucky Gleason bringing up the past, just bringing up a interesting question.

My question is, doesn't he have to pass waivers? And nobody would bite on that? I guess his contract is that bad, that nobody would bite on a potential point a game player. Yes I know the terrible plus minus, but Drury always has a terrible plus minus and people dismiss that, since he's "captain clutch". More like Captain in the right spot. But since joining Philly he has had injury issues and performance issues.

Mo Money, Mo Problems.

Things will never get back to where they were here, when he was beloved by the Sabre faithful. But he wrote his exit ticket, when he opted to go to arbitration. Which led to them not being able to retain JP Dumont, a loss no one talks about, but was big in my eyes. Now Flyer fans hate him. Want him gone, like we do for Max.

He was a great player while he was here, no doubt, made better by the system they ran, probably the same type of effect, that the Phoenix Suns had when D'Antoni ran them. Players perceived much greater then they are, since they had gaudy stats. Now Chris Duhon is benefiting from this with the Knicks and I'm sure looking for a gigantic payday soon. Drury and Briere had inflated stats, because of the situation they were in, now they have inflated contracts, which will be a burden years to come. Say what you will about Darcy Regier, the Sabres aren't in trouble 2 or 3 years down the road. They have manageable contracts with solid players. Vanek is a all star and gets paid like one, and his highest totals are over sooner then later. Money wise I mean. He's a 40 to 50 goal scorer for the next several years. Maybe the greatest Sabre goal scorer ever, by the time he's done.

Several years ago, Danny Briere could do no wrong, well yes he was called out at times. Now Flyer fans want him gone and his value is pretty much gone.

Sorry Danny, I still like you. You would have stayed if they wanted you to. But the Sabres knew, and let you get your big pay day.

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bucky said...

As long as a player really has been injured he can go to the minors for 14 days for reconditioning without having to clear waivers. The Panthers have done that twice this year sending a couple of defensemen to Rochester.

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