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Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Playoff Preview: Saturday Games

Well the NFL Playoffs start tomorrow. Exciting right. Yeah I know we all wish the Bills were in the playoffs. But remember how nervous you were for the entire day and the entire game during the Playoffs. Now we can just enjoy football. These games might be enjoyable. We've seen two of the teams this year. Going 1-1 against Saturday Playoff teams. The Bills will see the other two playoff teams (Indy and Atlanta) next season. So its a 2008 review and a preview for 2009 all in one year!

Atlanta versus Arizona

This is one of the more surprising match ups of the year. You have the wild card Falcons versus the slumping 9-7 Cardinals. They had the division wrapped up early. And just cruised into the postseason. But the Falcons, who to be honest, I have no idea about. They have a rookie QB and Michael Turner. That's about it.

Offense Ranking

Arizona is 4th in the league in offense

Atlanta is 6th in the league in offense.

We have two decent offenses lining up against each other. Neither has the real advantage and the weather won't be a factor. But I think if Atlanta gets their run game going, it will help Matt Ryan out immensely. Otherwise the high pressure defense of the Cardinals will give him fits.

The Cardinals have the experienced Vet in Kurt Warner and the amazing Larry Fitzgerald who can catch anything. Their run game is pretty pedestrian, so I would imagine that the Falcons will want the Cards to run the ball.


Arizona had the 19th ranked defense in the league

Atlanta has the 24th ranked defense in the league

Two worst defenses then the Bills? Ooo this should be a shootout. I like this game already. Maybe one of those 42 to 41 games. Nice. But really they are both giving up over 20 points a game. Arizona is 4th worst with giving up 26 points a game. And also take a lot of penalties. (They both do) Say what you will about the Bills, they had the least amount of defensive penalty yards in the league. Jauron sure keeps them under control. But of course they it also suggest a lack of aggressiveness.


This one will be a shootout. But I'm going with the Rookie here. The Cards defense is terrible and they are struggling. How you play always carries over. Atlanta is just playing better of late.

Atlanta 38 Arizona 31


The Colts and Chargers is very interesting. The Chargers long written off for dead and the Colts who everybody dismissed, but yet have rattled off 9 straight. Come in both hot. Both with well performing QB's and both with legitimate shots at the AFC title game.


The Colts are pretty average when coming to offense. They are 15th in the league, but score points, with 23 points a game. And have the MVP Peyton Manning. You can never count out a Hall of Fame QB, especially Peyton Manning. The Colts are 12-4, but are the team that people just aren't talking about. Their one weakness is the run game. Not much coming from there.

The Chargers are 11th in offense, rack up lots of yards and points. But will be without Tomlinson on Saturday. But from LT's year, that probably won't be as big a problem as years past. Rivers has shown an ability to lead this team and has gotten them back from nowhere to a playoff birth. Though I think they may have burnt themselves out to make the playoffs.


For a change, the Colts defense has been the backbone. They are 11th in the league overall. Don't give up many yards, don't stay on the field long, and don't take penaltys. The defense is the reason they have ripped off 9 straight wins, including a shutout of the Titans last week. Thats always a big confindence boost in my eyes.

The Chargers defense really is missing Merriman. They get lit up on a regular basis. Scoring 20 points on the Chargers isn't uncommon. (10 of 16 games) They give up a lot of yards, and stay out there for a long time. They do keep teams to field goals, Bills fans are use to bend but don't break, so they keep the Chargers in the game. But wear and tear could be an issue as the 4th quarter hits.


The Colts beat the Chargers (23-20) a couple weeks ago in San Diego. I think history will repeat itself, but this time the margin will be larger. The loss of Tomlinson isn't as large as before. And Sproles isn't a full time back, like Turner was. I say Colts 28 Chargers 17.

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