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Monday, January 19, 2009

The longest two weeks in Sports.

The conference championships are over. Now we head into two weeks of hype, the Cardinal coaches getting revenge on the Steelers. Boldin, is he upset and will he play? Is there a player near retirement that is from Tampa story? Because I love the Bettis from Detroit stories, they didn't overkill that. Kurt Warner looking for glory. The coming out of Larry Fitzgerald. Someone saying something stupid that will turn into billboard material. And of course Mike Tomlin getting into an argument with Dr House.

Some may say its not a great matchup. But when is the Superbowl ever the great Matchup? Last year was good, but seriously it was a boring snoozefest for 3 quarters, till people decided to play. This one should at least have some points scored. The Steelers aren't facing a rookie QB, who is average at best. Seriously, they try to promote Flacco, when he threw 4 straight completions. 4! You should do that one 1 drive a game at least. Flacco is terrible. His defense keeps it competitive and their strategy to get pass interference calls to get touchdowns is a joke. The Ravens are unwatchable. Yesterday it was punt after punt, who wants to see that? At least Kurt Warner will spice things up by throwing a pick or two and then hitting Larry Fitzgerald for a amazing touchdown.

But the next two weeks is also a realization that Football is over. That's always sad, and now we get that free agency period, followed by the draft, OTA's then finally in late July we get training camp. LATE JULY! I can't even comprehend that far ahead. Football has just a long offseason and with how the Bills ended, I wish they could get back on the horse in March and start this thing. But I guess anticipation makes things greater, and that's why there is 2 weeks till the Super Bowl.

Before I get to my first prediction for the "Big" Game. Lets watch Willis McGahee go silently into that good night.

Oh man. I'm not the biggest of Willis supporters, but whooo, he got lit up. The Super Vision replay is the best at the end. He looked like a crash test dummy. He's gonna be ok. But oh man, he's feeling that hit till the Super Bowl.

So my initial knee jerk prediction

Pittsburgh 31 Arizona 21

Enjoy the hype everyone!

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