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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorry for the abscence

I have been detained the past few days, with work and with personal life. That kept me away from the blog. Yes I know, very sad. But I should be coming strong this week. The Sabres are on the road. College Hoops is really heating up. And the league championships are this weekend.


Lets talk about football.

I watched a bunch of the games. Didn't catch much of the Steelers Chargers game. Because I knew how that was going to turn out. The Chargers are ok, and squeeked by last week. The Steelers are always ready at home. Which was going to lead to a non competitive game. But how bad is Quarterback play in the NFL now? Or are the playoff defenses that much better? Arizona made Jake Delhomme look like a rookie. Joe Flacco is a rookie and plays like one, seriously he isn't that good. Kerry Collins was just as bad. Kurt Warner is actually playing well, since teams are giving him time, so he'll rip you to shreds. Eli Manning was terrible, Mcnabb was okay, but nothing special. I though the phone thing was funny and odd. But Roelisberger has his typical day, nothing fancy, just getting the ball around and they run the ball. Rivers got down and had to throw, so his stats were high. But almost completed just 50% of his passes.

You think with the final 8 teams, we could get some decent quarterback play from at least half the teams.

Also, why is it called the divisional round? Theres nothing divisional about it. Which brought my idea up, if they have the names already, why not bump up the playoffs to 8 teams. Have the Wild Card teams play one weekend, then the Divisonal winners play each other one weekend. Then Winners all meet the following week in the Semifinals. Then the conference semifinals the following week, followed by the Conference Championship. Its an extra week of playoffs, more money for the league and Tv, plus it would be awesome. The teams get a week off if they win. It keeps the incintive to win the division. The wild cards are usually better then the division winners anyway, so it won't hurt anyone.

Divisonal playoffs makes zero sense. That has to change. Say, the conference semifinals. That sounds better.

Anyway thats just something that was bothering me. I'm sure it bothers 4 other people.

On to Hockey.

Well the Sabres went 1-1 on the weekend. Not too bad. Though they really relied on Ryan Miller on both nights. I honestly though they were going to get a point in Detroit. But just fell apart late, and thats all it takes for the Red Wings. But I don't mind losing to the Red Wings in Detroit. The win against the Rangers was good. They really turned it on in the 3rd period. Usually when the Sabres get down the stay down. But fought hard and got the win in the shootout. They have really played much better since the Washington disaster.

And the fact that expiring contracts maybe in vogue for NHL teams to trade for, Max might actually pull in a actual player. The extra room the Sabres have, could really benefit them, and with the amount of money thats expiring for the Sabres this year, they could pull off dead weight for dead weight. Someone who needs new scenery. (They mention Dustin Penner) He makes too much, but I think might bring something for the Sabres, if Brian Burke doesn't snag him first. When thinking trades over the next month or so, think dead weight, the sabres have the right kind of contracts. Max, Connolly, Teppo, Kotalik, that others might want to clear some room this year off their books. Creative accounting trading. With that the Sabres might pull in a interesting player.

The Griff men lost again, to Fairfield, the crappiest school in the MAAC. No matter who I know who works there. Which drops them to 0-6 in conference. Which will come in handy conference tourney time, when they are the last seed. But seriously, how have they gotten better. They can't score, the don't win close games, its same old same old. Time to hire a new kind of coach.

The Griff women, won for the 9th straight time. Which makes them 12-4 and 4-1 in the conference. They seem to have the right players. Play good basketball and score. Hey Canisius. Why not make the Womens coach, the Men's coach. He's good, I'm sure he can coach the mens team to some success.


Anyway, more later. But its good to be back.

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