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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Randomness

I guess its a links type page, which is popular on Fridays in the Buffalo Blogosphere, but its just one of those days, where I have no effort to write about anything for very long. Especially the All Star game. Which is this weekend. I use to be excited about it, now I don't care. Don't know if I'll catch one second. You know having a life and all. Having things to do, makes the All Star game pretty much useless. Plus its on Versus. Seriously, there's no Football and you can't get on NBC? Ugh. Here's the official site if you are interested in all activities.

Looks like Mel Kiper is ready to go. 1st Mock Draft is up. Who knows what actually will happen, but I think Mel has an idea of what teams need and the players that should fill them. Of course some scouts think they know better. But he says the Bills would draft Brandon Pettigrew TE out of Oklahoma St. Mmm lets take a closer look. From the ESPN Rating.

6'6 260

Big guy thats always a plus

42 catches for 472 yards and 0 td's

Umm Antonio Gates he is not

Possesses prototypical height and bulk for a NFL tight end. He's a good athlete but his straight-line speed is adequate-at-best for the position.

I never like the phrase "adequate at best" It doesn't scream, teams will have a tough time matching up with him. It says to me, he'll catch the ball and get down the field, but Ed Reed isn't going to shake in his boots.

Injuries have not been an issue; he has started all 13 games during each of the past two seasons (2006-'07).


Charged with felony assault and battery of a police officer in February, 2008. Police responded to an altercation at a residence in Stillwater, OK. When asked to leave, Pettigrew refused and elbowed an officer in the chest. Pettigrew has since pleaded guilty to a lesser charge (misdemeanor assault and battery) in return for fines paid and 20 hours of community service. He also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor public intoxication in the incident and was fined $100. He received a deferred sentence and won't have a criminal record if he successfully completes probation. Coach Mike Gundy declined to suspend Pettigrew, saying in February that he would allow the case to run its course.

Oh boy sound the alarm. A guy that gets drunk and gets into fights. Just what the Bills need and what the City of Buffalo needs, well he'll probably fit in. But I'm sure he's a man.

Productive receiver with big, soft hands. He can pluck on the run and also catches the ball consistently over his head. Rarely drops a 'catchable' pass and when he does it typically has been due to a lapse in concentration

Oooo maybe he can teach Robert Royal something.

Big target; knows how to use his frame to shield defenders from the ball. Is fluid and smooth for his size. Shows adequate-to-good initial burst off the line. But he doesn't run all of his routes with the same level of urgency. He is sloppy with his breaks and needs rounds too many off. Shows an overall lack of discipline at times

What? Doesn't run routes well. Sloppy? Lack of discipline! How is this guy in the first half of the first round? Because he's big and can catch?

This is one of the big areas of concern regarding his pro potential. While smooth and fluid for his size, he lacks the speed necessary to consistently stretch the seam as a receiver. Additionally, while he is a tough runner after the catch, he's not going to make many defenders miss in space, nor will he run away from many LB's or DB's in the NFL

AHHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOO!!! This is not what the Bills need. They don't need a average reciever who can block at the TE position. Derek Fine and Derek Schoman can do all of this. I don't know but this guy doesn't scream to me first round material.

I'd rather see them draft Orakpo or Maybin. And sign Bo Scaife in Free Agency.


Theres a lot of anger about the next 4 Sabre games not being on TV. From the Buffalo News saying that MSG should do something about it. Anger from Bfloblog. From many others.

I noticed this a couple weeks ago. Looking over the schedule. And found it odd.

But really I don't care. Listen to the radio, find them online. So you have to work to find what you want to watch. If you want to watch you will. I'm sure those online sites would love the extra traffic. Sure are they losing ad revenue. But maybe the cost is so much then they take in, that it just doesn't make any sense in this climate to broadcast to what will be a much smaller audience. These road trips rarely go well anyway, plus you have to stay up and it ruins the next day. So go to sleep, find out in the morning what happened and then watch the highlights. You'll feel better, and you won't miss anything, I guarantee it.

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