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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frank Reich Indy's new QB coach.

Well our old buddy Frank Reich. Leader of the comeback. Has a new job.

With Jim Caldwell taking over Tony Dungy, Frank is the new Quarterbacks coach with the Colts.

Jeez, that's a tough job. It must be hard to motivate Peyton Manning to play well. Well hey its all about stepping up the ladder, and if Peyton Manning says, hey he's a great coach and makes me prepared for every game. That can only improve his resume. No doubt with Bill Polian and the Polian boys running the show in Indy, any 90's Bill is probably in good standing.

Well with Indy coming to town next year, (unless they move it to Toronto and with Colts being a draw, I wouldn't doubt it), we'll get to see everyones favorite backup. And we'll get to see all the clips from the Comeback and all the good memories, and then we'll realize its 2009 and we'll get depressed again.

Good for Frank and I hope its a first step to bigger and better things. Like Head coach of the Buffalo Bills 2010? (jumping way ahead)

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