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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunday Playoff Preview (brief)

Well the Sunday games aren't very intriguing to me, because I have zero idea how the Vikings and Eagles got in. I really didn't follow the NFC that closely. I though the Vikings were bad, the only insight I read about the Vikings is Drew Magary, and he is always done on them, except for Purple Jesus.

But I'm going to base my predictions solely based on team stats, throw out the records, who they played or my image of them. Where do their team stats lie, because numbers never lie.

Vikings vs Eagles

The Eagles come in with the 9th ranked offense in the NFL and the 3rd ranked defense.

The Vikings come in with the 17th ranked offense and the 6th ranked defense.

Well the numbers tell me, that the Eagles will win this game. Top 10 in both rankings usually indicate a pretty good team. Yet the Eagles have never seemed to be that good.

The Eagles win through the Air, good for Andy Reid. 31 to 13

Dolphins vs the Ravens

Chad Pennington vs Joe Flacco. Joey Porter vs Ray Lewis.

Boring guys and crazy linebackers, its a good contrast.

Well using the same strategy.

The Ravens come into Sunday with 18th ranked offense and the 2nd ranked defense

The Dolphins come into Sunday with the 12th ranked offense and 15th ranked defense.

Mmm, you always go against the rookie QB, especially versus one that has postseason experience. But the Ravens D is just too good and too hard. They will come out hard on Sunday to prove how good they are, and Pennington doesn't have the arm strength to really go after this Ravens secondary, even with Jim Leonhard back there. Its a tight one, and low scoring.

Ravens 17 Dolphins 13

Those are my non scientific predictions for sunday's game and I'm usually wrong. But anyway enjoy.

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