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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm (insert name) with the Buffalo Bills and I'm (insert worth)

Well today is kinda of a big day in Buffalo Sports

You got UB playing in a bowl game at 12pm

Sabres at Boston at 1pm

The Bandits start their season later, with banner raising.

Plus you got playoff football and bowl football all day long.

Its a great sports day.

But lets talk about Ko Simpson. He gets arrested and fires off one of the best lines in a while.

I'm Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth Millions.

First its a great statement. Second its obviously not true. The guy isn't paid that much and has fallen off the depth chart. He's injury prone and Bryan Scott has taken his place. He is probably a free agent this year. One of those restricted kind. And the Bills ain't offering him Millions to come back.

But it gets me to thinking what would other Bills say in this situation?

I'm Marcus Stroud with the Buffalo Bills. I am large, leave me alone

I'm Jon Corto with the Buffalo Bills. Who? Jon Corto. Ok I'll behave.

I'm JP Losman with the Buffalo Bills. I am....(sacked, fumbles)

I'm Marshawn Lynch wit da B-Lo Bills. BEAST MODE!

I'm Robert Royal with the Buffalo Bills. I am (drops whatever is in his hands)

I'm Donte Whitner with the Buffalo Bills I am overrated.

I'm Derrick Dockery with the Buffalo Bills. I AM worth millions.

I'm Jason Peters with the Buffalo Bills. Those bitches better pay me Millions or I'm sitting it out.

I'm Dick Jauron with the Buffalo Bills. I am lucky to have a job.

I'm Ralph Wilson with the Buffalo Bills. who are you. Where am I?

You get the picture. Its a new fun game. To make fun of players and we all have Ko Simpson to thank. What else are backup safetys for? It sure isn't making plays!

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