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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buffalo Dallas Preview

Hey its the Dallas Stars, grrrr, do we hate them still? N0? Ok, well I guess there's only old memories for this one to get excited about. Otherwise its two mediocre teams trying to scrap and fight for points. (Battling)

Well after last nights 4-1 defeat, the Sabres have lost the last two games combined 7-2. They have only scored 3 goals in the last 3 games. They head into Dallas, who isn't a awesome defensive team. Well outside their top pair who are plus players, there are a lot of minus players. And a lot of guys that make you go mmm who is James Neal or Matt Niskanen? And then go I have no clue about the Western Conference. If I didn't look at the standings I wouldn't know if Dallas was good or not. No clue. Don't care. Thats what the old schedule did. It made half the league irrelevant to me. HALF! Sure you know the Islanders suck and the Thrashers. But what about the Kings or the Avalanche? I Have no clue?


Loui Eriksson is the leading goal scorer for the stars with 21. (WHO?)
Brad Richards is the leading point scorer with 35. (He I know since he was in Tampa)
Mike Ribeiro is the 2nd leading point scorer with 34. (He I know since he was in Montreal, and I found out has a lot of points and went HOW!)
Mike Modano has 26 points on the year with 13 goals. (He's been in the league since forever)

There are other guys, that you've mostly barely heard about, and really aren't mentioning.

The goalies are though.

Marty Turco everyone knows, because of his postseason flameouts. And his stats this year are hideous

A 3.15 GAA and a .883 sv%. Wow. Those arent very good numbers. And some guy named Tobias Stephen is even worse. Or is that Stephen Tobias. Who cares he sucks.

Hopefully the Sabres can actually put some pucks in the net tonight. Or Marty Turco will look like a hall of famer. For all the offense Tim Connolly was supposed to bring, the Sabres have shown none.

Lets score some goals and win a game. Its January and its freezing we need some entertainment.

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