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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drew Stafford, Chris Neil'd Duncan Keith

Ooo boy. Does it remind me of the Chris Neil hit on Drury.

Both are cross ice hits, but Duncan Keith head is way lower, so its not as similar. But when I saw that hit, it reminded me of the Drury hit. Both hitters target the prey, the shot is away, then bang. No head bleeding from Keith, so its not as dramatic. Nor did it start a huge goalie fight. Though I would imagine Lindy would have loved Lalime doing something productive.

Is it cheap? Ehh, and is the Neil shot dirty, ehhh. But its trying to make someone pay for going over the middle. Its about time someone in a Sabre uniform did something like this. Of course its a backchecking forward, but whatever I'll take it when I can get it.

But with one big hit Drew Stafford just made himself millions more on the market, as he is perceived as tough now. So he can go sign with the Blackhawks for a huge deal. Oh wait, wrong person.

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