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Monday, May 12, 2008

Canisius is good at Spring Sports

Well lost in all the major sports coverage, Canisius athletics are having quite a spring at the Demske Sports Complex. And for the young kids, trust me you don't want Canisius Football, its fun, but they were really terrible. But with one team done and another one the way to the tournament and then a third leading their conference and looking like a since to make the NCAA Tournament.


The Mens team made the tournament, by winning the MAAC for the first time ever. Which is good for the program. Being that close to Canada and not being good at Lacrosse is really not excusable. Well yesterday they went into the Carrier Dome to take on the Mighty Orange. And with a predictable result. The Orange hammered the Griffs 20-3. But hey this is a young program who will only get better as the years go on. Randy Mearns has done quite a job attracting local talent and out of the area talent. The more the Campus grows so will the athletic department. So good Job Lacrosse.


The Softball team is always good. How they get girls in from California is beyond me. But they bring in this talent, and they always win the MAAC, and this is no different. Well they went into Fairfield and whitewashed the MAAC. Now they get to go play Arizona at Hofstra. Who might not be able to stand the cold. And Canisius softball plays in absolute shit sometimes. So hopefully the Arizona Arms freeze. Oh wait they have to play Taryne Mowatt. Mmm, will this game be on TV?

The lovely Taryne Mowatt


The other team that plays with bats, is having a hell of a season, like the lacrosse team, are chock full of Canadians. Really at this point Buffalo should be shared between the two countries. We get taxed high enough like Canadians, yet have 1/3 of the benefits. But anyway, they have a 3 game set left with Niagara, a obvious 3 game sweep. But right now are 38-10 on the season, 17-4 against the MAAC, and the resounding 1st seed heading into the MAAC Championships later in May. With their pitching and hitting, 7 guys hitting over .320, they should be the 3rd team in the Spring, heading to their NCAA tournament.

So thats 3 teams having great seasons in the Spring, a real bonus for the Griffs Athletic department. But of course this town could care less and wants to harp on the Sabres or other nonsense.

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