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Friday, May 2, 2008

Inside the San Jose Locker Room

(We take you into the San Jose Locker room as they get ready to play the Stars in Game 5)

Ron Wilson: Ok fellas, we're down 3-1, at home and I like how we played in game 4. If we put that together again, we'll come out of here and we'll be right back into this series. Am I right?

(mild yeah! comes from the room)

Ron Wilson: That is pathetic. Come on guys this is the playoffs, are backs are against the wall. MY JOB IS ON THE LINE! Don't you wanna win for old Ronnie here?

(Guys stare at each other not knowing what to say)

Ron Wilson: Unbelievable, after all I do for you guys and you can't support me. Thornton what about you, you are our leader what do you have to say?

(Joe Thornton vanishes into thin air)

Ron Wilson: Typical Thornton, disappears when the pressures on. Hey Marleau. What about you, you got anything to say.

(Marleau starts to cry, because the tone is too strong)

Ron Wilson: Campbell, you've been here the the shortest, you haven't built up any animosity so what do you feel about the situation.

(Campbell spins around, sits down, and shrugs shoulders)

Ron Wilson: What the hell was that? Why did you do that twirl?

Campbell: Thats just what I do. And its a spin o rama, not a twirl. Girls twirl, Soupy spins.

Ron Wilson: (puts head in hands and sighs) Nabby?

Nabokov: I stop puck.

Ron Wilson: I know that but your .894 Sv% suggests otherwise.

Nabokov: Can't see puck as well with whirling dervish over there.

Ron Wilson: Ok, thats enough. Guys just follow the plan and we will win tonight. Stay with your man, give 110%, and we'll come back and win this series, but it starts tonight. So go out there and kick some ass!!!!

(Team meanders out of the locker room)

Ron Wilson: I'm so fired.

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