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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The new team in town

Buffalo is getting an Arena football team!!!! Now the destroyers aren't coming back, they are getting a Arena Football 2 team. Wait, 2? You mean the minor leagues of arena football? What. If the bigger league didn't work, well they had good ticket sales, but still lost money, how is this going to work. Oh Thurman Thomas and maybe Jim Kelly are part owners. Nope still don't see it. Buffalo is a PRO Football town. College football isn't popular, High School Football isn't that popular, and the AFL failed already. Why would the lower level work. Sure if they played in a small venue and packed it, it may work. Say play in Niagara Falls

Really why would HSBC Arena grant them a deal? For the couple thousand people the game draws? Might as well remake the Convention center and play in there. Well they do let College basketball play there and no one goes to those games, so why not 10 games during the late winter spring time. So who plays in this league? Or where are the teams?

Albany Conquest, a natural rival

Green Bay Blizzard, name stealer

Boise Burn, I got a boise burn once it wasn't pleasant

Corpus Christi Sharks, really Corpus Christi

Central Valley Coyotes, where the fuck is Central Valley?

Iowa Barnstormers! Hey does Kurt Warner play for these guys again?

WB Scranton Dunder Mifflins, no its the Pioneers, but I hope Michael Scott is their coach.

Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz. Now thats a hip team look at how they spelled Dogs.

Bossier Shreveport Battle Wings. Now thats a mouthful

Peoria Pirates. Are there a lot of Pirates in Peoria?

Well you get the idea, its a small town league, full of guys looking to play football for fun. Really they get what 50 bucks a game? So what should the nickname be? Buffalo Wings? No the roller hockey team may object. Though the Wings vs the Battle Wings would be interesting.

Well if you have any ideas let me know.

My opinion the Buffalo Bulldogs. Yes not flashy, but normal. But its never going to happen. Well look for the AFL 2 team around 2009. And look for it to fall apart in 2011.

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