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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

James Hardy wants to teach Thruway Man something

James Hardy heard about Thruway mans ordeal and thought he'd help him out getting out of some trouble. As Mr Hardy, seems to be good at it, even though he pulls guns on people.

The Hardy Boy: Hey Thruway dude!

190 Roadblock: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!

The Hardy Boy: James Hardy, Bills new #1 threat

190 Roadblock: I thought Toronto was the #1 threat.

The Hardy Boy: Haha, thats a good one white dude, but seriously. You are in a ton of trouble and I want to help you out. Since I'm good at getting out of these silly gun things.

190 Roadblock: How are you going to help me? I think I'm pretty much in deep water here.

The Hardy Boy: First its all trumped up because of the Media, they are always out to get you. They made you a spectacle and got them ratings. You should get paid, since your a star now.

190 Roadblock: I would rather just go home.

The Hardy Boy: Home? You stupid. First make your money then have the charges dropped.

190 Roadblock: I don't think thats gonna happen. I'm probably gonna go to jail.

The Hardy Boy: Jail! You ain't going to jail. You're white and old. Anyway who'd you pull the gun on?

190 Roadblock: Myself, look at the tape.

The Hardy Boy: YOURSELF? I pulled a gun on my dad and nothing happened, errr I mean nothing happened. Hell they got shit on you. So what if you held up the highway. You were concerned about the environment and the all the money spent on oil and made a message. Unless people stop depending on foreign oil, you'd kill yourself.

190 Roadblock: I worked at Gm, I don't believe any of that. And your pissing me off kid. I served in the Military, I worked my ass off at Powertrain, you play a stupid game and trying to help me? You know nothing.

(James Hardy pulls out gun and points at Thruway man)

The Hardy Boy: Listen! I'm James Hardy I scored tons of touchdowns at Indiana. INDIANA! I was just trying to help you, but looks like you want the Man to put you away.

Officer: HEY Put that gun down!

The Hardy Boy: What gun? Whatchu talkin bout officer, theres no gun here. Just James Hardy #81 for the Bills.

Officer: Oh yeah, I got great hopes for you, would you sign this for me. Man I could have sworn you had a gun on that dirtbag over there.

The Hardy Boy: They always think that, who should I sign this to?

190 Roadblock: Well I guess no one cares about a Vet anymore. No wonder I'm so angry. While this guy can play football and get away with anything.

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