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Monday, May 19, 2008

I found what I want to talk about.

I have been stuck in what I wanted to write about, from that terrible thruway thing to just pimping Canisius Athletics, GOOD JOB LADIES!!! But after listening to WGR again today, I think I've had enough. Who are they programming this stuff for? Its constant fear mongering and dumb bits, and just wastes of time. How about talking actual sports instead of maybes and ifs. Enough with the Toronto thing, WE KNOW ITS GOT MONEY. Its like its on the front of the news paper, everyone must be talking about it. Probably not, though the article written by Mark Gaughan, who actually is someone good at the Buffalo News was something interesting to read. Then today by a business writer, who I like to read as well. But its not about the well written articles, its the fear mongering, that this town feasts upon. I'm tired of it. Nothing gets done by fear. Fear blocks success. The Bills are going ahead in their plan, and if it ends up with the Bills in Toronto, then thats what their plans holds. But I'm not going to talk about the what ifs, and the maybes and oh god what if this happens. I can't control it, so I won't worry about it. Just like the weather, it is what it is, deal with it.

But what I can control is the radio dial.

I don't know what they are doing, but WGR is just downright awful these days. Some may say its been that way. During Sabres and Bills time it has its moments. But its not even White and Simon that are the worst, its Schopp and the Bulldog. Mike Schopp, is one guy I wish would get fired immediately. I listened to Bulldog and Dennis Williams and it was actually quite nice. The bit of Roseanna Arquettes Phony Obit game, maybe the worse contest idea in the history of Radio. Its stupid, because its a contest on opinion on a pointless idea. And its not like you can switch shows and wish for a new topic, because theres a constant storyline for every show. Its like here are the talking points for today, and it runs its course. Hey talk about something else and maybe you'll interest me.

Its funny, Mike Schopp treats listeners and callers with disdain, though the stuff he talks about and the topics they use are they only ones stupid callers would want to talk about. So what do you expect? They treat blogs with no respect. Guess what guys, deal with them, because blogs are what will determine if you get fired or not, they are the ones that will hold you accountable. I think if Mike Schopp had a blog with what he wanted to talk about and have the type of people to read, he'd be happier. I feel he is one miserable man. He was good on WNSA, hell so was Howard Simon, but WGR is just a home of crap. It delves into the lowest level. Full of people with no talent. Corey Griswold, Nick Mendola and Jeremy White are all guys that are never going to rise above small market levels. Really how Corey Griswold is on the air is beyond me.

The only shining light is Dennis Williams, I don't know if its because hes a TV guy or what, but he is really someone I could listen to every day. Unfortunately hes on at the same time as Brad Riter on WECK. If only they would put Williams on in the Mornings, from say 6-9, Riter at 9 to noon. That would make my mornings pretty great. Rome can stay, then after Rome, make it a month battle for the other four guys to grab two spots.

I would love to raise the bar on sports talk in this town. I feel radio tends to lower the bar to reach listeners and not raise it standards up. Probably another reason why blogs have exploded of late, its a place where the somewhat more literate sports fan can find and express their opinion. Though it is also filled with lots of trash. Which gives sports fans a low brow feel to everyone else. This whole Toronto thing brings up the question, if the team moves just a little bit away, will you still be a fan? Yes or no? Yes, why? No? then why are you rooting for them in the first place, just because they are the closest thing? They are still close, or is it because they are the BUFFALO Bills? Go into a deep discussion of why are you a fan, fandom is basically irrational but delving into the irrationality maybe an interesting all day discussion. Or we can play a game based on someone dying that is a famous actor, so you can win tickets to the Lancaster Speedway. Either way, its really about sales. And not improving the overall quality of radio.

Like most things, just making something so it sells and generates revenue, ruins the overall quality of the product. Thats why I like blogs, a lot of them are so people can write about what they want. And the ones that are good are the ones that make money. Its how things should be. Instead of putting out a product that will bring the most people in, and sacrificing interesting thought provoking topics, for the bottom line.

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