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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bucky calls Jason Peters

(Its a late friday afternoon and Bucky Gleason with nothing going on decided to call Jason Peters)

(phone rings)

Jason Peters: Yo, this is JP, what you want?

Bucky: Hey Jason, its Bucky Gleason from the Buffalo News, I just wanted to ask you something.
Jason Peters: Uh, well I'm kinda busy and if its about a contract, I ain't talkin about that.

Bucky: Ohh, well, its um, about Numbers, YEAH! Numbers.

Jason Peters: What kind of numbers?

Bucky: How do you feel about the numbers 5 and 25.

Jason Peters: Trent Edwards and Xavier Omon?

Bucky: No not player numbers. How those two numbers go together.

Jason Peters: Well 5 times 5 equals 25, so thats a sign they go together.

Bucky: Exactly. How does 25 Million over 5 years sound?

Jason Peters: HEY! I told you I wasn't talking about my contract.

Bucky: But come on it does sound good doesn't it?

Jason Peters: No, thats not enough. I want big time Tackle money. Maybe 25 Guaranteed.

Bucky: Exactly 5 years 25 million guaranteed. Its what you should offer, but of course the team won't pay you that, letting you go to free agency July 1st.

Jason Peters: I have 3 years left on my contract, and Free agency is in March, not July.

Bucky: Whatever, its the mentality in this town, where you give a team the fair offer of 5 years 25 million dollars, they turn it down. They don't even think about it.

Jason Peters: I'm pretty sure the team would jump to sign me at that contract. Langston Walker gets that deal and I'm better then he is. I would like a Walter Jones deal, 7 years 50 million dollars.

Bucky: 7 years 50 million dollars? That doesn't sound good. You can't divide that evenly. Its odd looking. No, 5 years 25 million. End of story.

Jason Peters: I gotta go, you should talk to somebody.

Bucky: Wait do you have Lee Evans number?

(phone call is disconnected)

Bucky: Mmm, Mark Gaughan might have Lee Evans number. Wait 83, 8-3=5. 5 for 25. PERFECT!! 5 FOR 25!!!!!!!!

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