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Friday, May 23, 2008

OTA's and Ticket sales

Well its almost the end of OTA's as 1 Bills drive, probably the reason the weather is so crappy. Football players come to town and it gets cold. Its the only reason I can think of for the recent cold snap. Really you can't take much from the OTA's, people try to build them up and try to get any insight from guys running around in shorts and helmets. Oooo Trent is looking good. Well the defense is really not trying to stop them. If they were really important they would be mandatory and JP Losman and Jason Peters missing it would be a big deal.

Jason Peters is angling for a new deal, and seeing what Left Tackles are getting and him being elect to the Pro Bowl it probably can't hurt lengthening the deal, to cover that dangerous no cap year that might be approaching. You certainly don't want any stars being available at that point, because they are good as gone. Talk to him over the next few months and we'll here the 5 for 25 million jokes over that time, and I bet a deal can be struck, making a important man, a happy man.

The other big news coming out of 1 Bills drive this week was the positive ticket sales. The Bills have passed the 50,000 season ticket mark for the first time since 1993. Its a good statement by Bills fans, that the team is still relevant, even with the recent surge in sales for the Sabres, the Bills are still a popular option. Sure the package is cheaper this year with the Toronto Games. Maybe people are figuring out this ticket resale business. Or people are really excited by the Bills and want to go to the games. I don't mind sitting at home watching, thanking those who bought tickets so I could see the game. I like going to the games, but the bore me a little. The commercial breaks really suck the energy out of the game.

With the low prices, the Bills have created a real home field advantage. The people that really love the bills can go to the games and enjoy themselves without taking out a second mortgage. Hell a Paycheck can pay for a season ticket. The rest of the NFL is in a race to make the most money and gouge the fan just to see a game. (Though the Bills are using Toronto to do that) Hell go somewhere else to charge exorbitant rates? Fine with me. Just give me the option to hit up a few games here in Orchard Park. Imagine if they had only 4 home games? Those tickets would fly off the shelves. They could also charge higher prices, along with the high Toronto prices would start making some real money to be a real player in the league.

Wait, this Russ Brandon really knows what he is doing. As a Bills fan, that should get you excited.

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