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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A weekend of Whoops

There happened to be some good whoops, moments this weekend and the Youtube highlights to go along with them.

First the Marc Andre Fleury entrance from Game 1

That right that there, sums up the first 2 games for Pittsburgh. And MAF's performance, there have been some weak goals in the first two games. Pittsburgh can't score and they can't have their goalie let in a couple softies.

Though this is not one of them


But the other great Whoops! moment of the weekend came in the Memorial cup when the Spokane Chiefs were getting the trophy for their hard earned win.

The best part is them looking down at it, going oh no. Then picking it up and celebrating with it anyway. Good job guys.

The other Whoops! is all the experts that picked Pittsburgh. Really? Wasn't everybody saying the East was much weaker then the west? So who cares how strong they were playing, the Western team was going to be much better. Well this guy didn't fall for it. I picked 6, but after games 1 and 2. This is going to be a sweep, its not a question of if Pittsburgh can win, its can Pittsburgh even score a goal?

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