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Friday, May 23, 2008

Stanley Cup Preview

Here we go the finals. What as Hockey fans we all look forward to. We all hope at the end of the year that our team is in this spot in late May and for Detroit and Pittsburgh, they luck out by having their teams left standing after months of hockey. And for me this looks to be a great matchup. And with the Girlfriend in Ireland for the first 5 games. I'll have plenty of time to watch these games and be all in it. Plus all the season finales are done, except Lost. Before we get to the preview, we'll look back to see what I said about the previous series.

Pittsburgh 7, actual Pittsburgh in 5

Wings in 6, Hey dead on!

I was 2-0 in the conference finals to push me to 9-5 in the playoffs, with one to go. So looks like I'll be ending the playoffs with a winning record. But 10-5 is what I want. So lets look into these two teams and pick who will win.


Lets start with who I'm rooting for. The Penguins. I like the Penguins, they have a local boy on the roster, they are young and talented and just are fun to watch. But I'm not going to pick them to win. I'm going with Detroit. They are filled with experienced, great players and Osgood is playing as good as Fleury. Which means that the presidents trophy winning team will win the cup. And I think for Sabre fans is a sharp pain of what was lost last year.

Looking at who the Pens beat, their toughest matchup was in the 2nd round. The flyers weren't that good. Didn't show up and weren't the best preview for the up coming matchup with the Wings. While the Wings, had to play the scrappy Predators, demolished the Avs and beat a very good Stars team. That matchup is what makes me pick the Wings. The Stars are very tough and the wings won that series outright, no lucky bounces, just great play.

Its this that will lead the Wings over the Pens. Their defense is better and everything else is pretty much equal talent wise in my eyes. But with Ralfalski, Lidstrom and Chelios back there, I feel Osgood won't be tested that much.

Final Prediction Wings in 6

What? Mirtle picked the same thing? I'm gonna look like a copier. And his playoff record is the same as mine?

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