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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tickets, Toronto and the Bills

Coming this Fall, less football then usual.

Well yesterday was an interesting developing day in Buffalo Bills tickets. With the news of almost 50,000 in season ticket sales for the Bills and the prices for the Toronto games coming out, people are once again seeing the writing on the wall and trying to decipher what the bottom line is.

Some see the high ticket sales, as people using them as a business effort.

And a lot of people see the Toronto move as a precursor to a permanent move up North.

But this is my blog and I'll call em as I see em. Well the reason for higher ticket sales probably is several reasons, more hope about the team, its fun again to go to a Bills game, you can sell them to others and make some money, or its less expensive and its cheap fun for the fall. Whatever, the bottom line is, they are up and near the end of the glory days of the Super Bowl years. Which means more likely then not, I'll be able to watch the games from home, which is nice. I appreciate all the people that buy tickets for those that kinda want to go, but don't want to deal with all the hassle of getting there and sitting on a uncomfortable metal bench and being bored most of the time. Its why people drink so much. Try not drinking at all when you go to a Bills game. Its tough. Thats why if Bills fans go up to Toronto, I highly doubt they'd have a good time. The other fans are mostly suits who will sit there and watch, no tailgates, too expensive to really get drunk at the game. It will be football with its soul taken out, and thats the fan support.

Which all leads to the Toronto issue, do the bills need more corporate money? Sure who doesn't? But does it mean they are eventually moving up there? I don't know, if the TO thing doesn't fly, then really they are stuck back here in Orchard Park. They have their own escape plan. But the key is a new stadium. Who builds it first, gets the team in my eyes. The Rogers centre, is definitely not good enough. Ralph Wilson Stadium, is a relic at NFL standards. Especially compared to the thing they are building in Dallas, which I hope falls apart. If they leaders here can put together a plan, to build a new stadium near downtown, that is convention center, hotel, year round use facility, the quicker the better. Put it near the casino and have a special tailgate zone by the water. Imagine tailgating near the lake in September?

I honestly don't see a move in 10 years. I think the legal ramifications are endless on both sides. The CFL will not let this happen without action. The NY politicians won't let the Bills go without some major financial penalties. I'm talking 100 million at least. Ted Rogers isn't a young man, and this might be a fight to see who can outlast who. And if the Canadian dollar plummets. You can forget Toronto.

This is a cash grab by the Bills, Toronto trying to position itself as a viable NFL market, and fans are caught in the middle per usual.

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