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Monday, May 5, 2008

Playoff Memories #3

Well this one comes 2 years ago today, in which maybe my favorite Sabre game of all time. If you wanted to show people what this era sabre team was all about, this is the game you'd show them. Its also when I think Sabre mania really caught on. Its game one of the Sabres Ottawa Series. Here's a highlight package.

Tim Connolly won that game, sure Drury scored the winner, but he was unbelievable, then in game 2 his career changed. Schaefer just ended him. He missed the rest of the playoffs, then most of the next season and he's still ineffective. Thats the game you watch and go man he was really good. But its not all the game that makes it so memorable. It was the atmosphere.

I just moved to Allentown a couple months prior. Right near Cozumel. And if you don't know its ground zero for Cinco de Mayo. So the game is broadcast outside, and every time a goal was scored you'd hear a roar. It was like watching the game in a giant outside bar. And when that last second goal went in, there were cheers, horns, everything went off. I have heard nothing like it. It was amazing and I was alone watching the game. I was jumping up and down, and just having the outside sounds of the city on a huge party day, made this amazing game my favorite of all time. Sure the other day was the anniversary of the last second Drury goal against the Rangers. But that was a 1-0 game at the time. I can't remember much from that game. But I remember the "smirk" on smolinski. I remember the giveaway in OT. I remember Emery not covering up the puck and Connolly putting it over him. Derek Roy putting himself on the map in his hometown.

I will always love this game, and can watch the highlights everyday. This was the chance for the cup and injuries took it away. I never felt it last year in the playoffs. Maybe the will to win, left after that season, Grier, Mckee, Dumont. Thats some important talent out the door. But its over and done with. Sabre fans have to move on and hope for a better future. Thats why next year will be interesting. But I know one thing.

The 05-06 team was full of guys on the last year of contracts. I wonder if that helps a team.

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