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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Must have now

This is what the Sabres need to get in the offseason. Brooks Orpik. Hometown guy. Physical tough defenseman and last night with one shift, made me go, pay the man whatever he wants. It was middle of the third. He made every wing who dared touch the puck pay for it. Not just hitting them, but destroying them. I was amazed when I saw it, and just made my gut feeling of needing Brooks Orpik that much more solid. And here is the video evidence.

Giving out tons of Free Candy.

I will be disappointed if the Sabres can't acquire him. The Pens are going to be tight to the cap with their superstars and they might have to let a guy like Orpik go, to afford someone else. His brother is already in the Sabre system and the Sabres will have cash in the defensemen area, with Kalinin and Campbell not being here. You can put Orpik with Sekera, Tallinder and Lydman, and Weber and Spacek. With Paetsch as the 7th guy. You have that defense corp next year and I'll be pretty happy.

Darcy if you are reading, if you are watching. Give him the money. He's the type of guy you need.


Jennifer said...

It was like watching pinball, he was hitting guys left and right. AMAZING shift, I love him!

Kevin said...


Not going to happen. That sequence alone upped the Rangers offer to him by $1 million per.

Would have been nice, though....

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