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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playoff Memories 2

Well since its the playoffs still and I enjoy watching Danny Briere succeed. Does that make me a bad person? I highly enjoy that Drury and the Rangers will be kicked out in the 2nd round. But this is about looking back to old Sabre playoff memories and since its May 1st, May day. Its only fitting to embed this most famous clip

Still good after all those years, plus it was the only game Hasek played that series for Fuhr. Talking a changing of the guard of two great goaltenders.

Someone posted the highlights of the game

How terrible was the goaltending? Good god. I thought Andy Moog was good. And yes I forgot how bad John Gurtler was. Thank god for the simulcast. Notice they don't broadcast what John Gurtler says on the May goal. I wonder what he said? Probably May scores, YAYY!!

That goal is also a big moment, even though it was a sweep, because the Sabres couldn't get out of the first round to save their lives. I remember jumping up and down like they won the cup. They went on to get swept by the Canadiens who won the cup that year. I forget all the greats on those early 90's teams. And how they didn't do a damn thing in the playoffs.

I hate Ray Bourque and I'm glad he got deked out by Brad May. I wasn't happy for him when he won the cup. Because I felt he was so overrated. People didn't hit him. You hit Ray Bourque you got him off his game.

But seriously how terrible was the goaltending in that game?

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coolman856 said...

I am so amazed that John Gurtler still has a job in Buffalo broadcasting. He has to have the worst voice that I have ever heard and hence why he has been subjected to the voice of the Bandits. It is so damn painful to listen to.

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