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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thoughts on Game 1

Well after watching the game last night. My pick of the Wings seems even better. Sure things could turn around. But the Wings looked really good. The first they were ok, but got settled in and seriously were an impressive team. I think an old nickname for another team, fits the Wings to a tee.

The Big Red Machine.

This team rolls the lines, scores from everywhere and really they could take the names off the back and you wouldn't know the difference who was out there. Well except for Darren McCarty he's pretty distinctive looking out there.

Other observations.

Fleury looked a bit shaky out there.

Osgood was as solid as solid could be, and we all know it don't get better then solid.

Detroit is such a good defensive team, they took a 2 goal lead and it was total lockdown time, without it being boring. Its like a good defensive back, just push him to the outside. It was like that all night. Push outside, play breaks apart, rush up the ice.

This series maybe over quicker then I thought.

Versus camerwork wasn't terrible. Which maybe the biggest victory in this series. Doc Emerick is a good choice, he delivers a decent telecast.

Does it kill Ed Olczyk, that he coached the Penguins a couple years ago and now they are in the finals, due to the new head coach. Eddy, stay on tv.

I think Don Cherry should bring the stuffed octopus on every coaches corner.

Can't wait for game 2.

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