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Friday, May 9, 2008

Roller Derby recap

I know this was last saturday, and I'm a bit late, but since its over and it really doesn't matter when this is written up, but I'm doing it now. Well me and the girlfriend headed out to Rainbow Rink early, since she really wanted to sit close, and she'll be out of town for the last match, so it was the last opportunity for the year. We get there right after doors open, and the front row is already gone and most of the 2nd row. She starts up the bleachers, but I was like there has to be 2nd row open. I go and find a whole section right in a good corner with 2nd row wide open. I get it, shes smiling, my lady can't be stuck in the bleachers I'll take her where the action is. (Where I had to hold an old lady up from ending up in my lap when a girl when right into the seats.

right on the turn

Well I saw that Mexicali Bruise was back on the Saucies and thought, this was going to be a whitewash. Boy was I wrong. This was a close and hard match. Probably one of the best I've seen. Tough clean hits. And just plain competitiveness. The dollies pulled out to a nice lead in the 2nd period. But the Saucies and they're winning ways, weren't just going to fold like a tent. They fought back, with some good jams. And after 2 periods, it was pretty much tied up.

The scoreboards are easy to read and there are 3 of them.

After a intermission from a strange band in costumes. One may have been a garbage can. The third was ready to go. The saucies undefeated streak was on the line, and the Dollies wanted to get a win in their last match, no fun going winless on the year. The same urgency and same hard play was back. These girls maybe friends, but they leave that stuff outside the rink. Its all business.

These were great seats for all the action

The time ticked away with the Dollies holding on to a couple point lead, which can evaporate with one slip. The crowd felt the urgency to score, the teams definitely felt the pressure and it provided great action. Time and Noise were exact opposites in the third period. The less time remained the louder it got. Everybody was yelling and the teams were trying strategies. Time outs were used by the dollies to rest, they were definitely gassed by the 3rd. Then into the final jam, where the Saucies pulled ahead by a point with 18 seconds left. Where the head ref stopped the bout, since it was insufficient time for a final jam. Leaving the dollies and their fans pretty ticked off.

This is where the match was called.

The Saucies celebrated knowing their final match was for the championship later in the month. Against the improved and winning Knockouts. So on May 31st at Rainbow Rink, the Queen City Roller Girls will decide which team is best. The Suicidal Saucies or Nickel City Knockouts.

Heres some highlights.

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