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Monday, September 29, 2008

4-0 feels so good

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He didn't get many yards, officially, since his longer runs were called back. But this run is typical Marshawn Lynch. Looks like hes stopped, bounces out, destroys Witherspoon with a massive stiff arm and gets a first down. How can you not love this guy on the football field? Off the field is another story.

Well another slow start by the offense, getting the entire Bills fanbase a little worried. But we all knew the moment the Bills got something positive the Rams would crumble. And it happened in the 4th quarter. Bills got the Td on the excellent run by Fred Jackson, the new version of Kenneth Davis. He gives you the same feeling, Thurman could be out, but you trusted Kenneth Davis to get it done. Then Trent Green thinking he needs to throw, throws a pick 6, and its game over. Then the Bills stick the dagger in and twist with the Lee Evans TD.

Here they are, 4-0, leading the AFC East, weeks before the play a AFC east team, who will have a lot to show on tape by then, so the Bills can prepare. It is obvious with the talent and the coaching they can game plan for what they see. The Raiders and Rams threw in new wrinkles , which suprised them. Its hard to plan for the unknown. But they adjusted, and won the game. Thats what good teams do. Constantly adjust and change to see what works. Of course some games nothing will work. Terrence McGee left early and I couldn't tell the difference in coverage. Trent Green looked average at best. They had Dante Hall and Stephen Jackson attempt passes. Both to Randy McMichael. Don't they try to hit a home run on those plays instead of doubles?

The run game isn't that great, but it can only get better. The pass blocking was a bit shaky in the first half, and Peters still has to get into game shape. But you see what the Bills have done is spotted themselves 4 wins already. They go 6-6 in the next 12, and they are 10-6 and probably in the playoffs. And with the schedule the Bills have, thats not a tough assumption. Though many things could go wrong. But I only see this team playing better. Will they lose? Of course they'll drop a couple games. But they have the mindset to come back from those and play strong.

No radio talk show host or newspaper columnist will get me down. The Bills haven't been here for some time. This decade they've barely been a winning team. There was the Pittsburgh nightmare a couple years ago. A gift wrapped home game, that they blew to miss the playoffs. It was crushing. A team that was filled with me guys. A team that never could knuckle down and get it done. Most of those guys are gone. Rebuilt from the ground up. A QB that makes smart decisions. A running back who gets the extra yard. A defense that doesn't pimp itself for pro bowls instead of the super bowl. Marv came in, cleaned house, drafted the right guys, they brought even better guys in this year. Now have what is becoming a complete team. Brian Moorman is no more the clear MVP of the team. He's just another player who does his job.

My girlfriend got to see my pacing and nonsense of lucky seats. Standing seemed to work yesterday. But in reality until she came down from paying bills, the Bills weren't doing that hot. And she was there for the Raider comeback. So like mine, she is also the Bills lucky charm. I think she'll have to watch the Arizona game, whether she likes it or not. The Bills have to go 5-0 into the bye week.

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